Need Help Logo opener Rejected !!! Why ?

As a Videohive beginner i faced eight hard rejected
i don’t know why this happen again & again
this template i recently upload to videohive but again is hard rejected
here is preview link

plz check this leave some feedback.

Hi. I think that the appearance of the logo (by “scale” in green circle) are too slow and easy.
And… At a time when the logo move to the side, I would have added the strips.
I do not know whether my comment is useful, but I would have done so.

thanks for feedback.

You’re important not to give up. My projects are sometimes too, are rejected. Be more persistent, and all will turn out. :wink:

thanks kaliman for your feedback. Surely i will never give up.

I like the idea. But I think overall dynamic is not good, what I mean is that it going fast then slow then fast, try to make it it more smooth. And check some color palettes. Dark version looks messy with orange and green in my opinion. Anyway, don’t give up mate. It took 7 hard rejects for me to get my first one up, and I got 9 more hard rejects in last two weeks. So relax, check other projects and see where you can improve next time. Good luck!

thx :+1: :slight_smile: