Enough with hard rejections with no reason left...

I think its unhuman and not productive for Envato and the Authors.
Me and a friend are experienced designers for many years.
And had a few hard rejects with no reason at all.
My friend added two logos, and me one action.
And we both find one anothers’s items very good to not be accepted.
And I am very serious about what I say, we are good designers.
We spent so much time and effort to make these items, like 12 hours +
and all we get is a hard rejection with the standard reason of technical and or high quality comment?
And sometimes the reason might be something technical but the reviewers don’t say something.
Common people spend a few minutes to say the reason of what is not really accepted.
This makes us and not only us but many, move onto another stock site. Is this a good solution for you?
Or do you believe that you don’t need that new Author and the money his item can make?
Anyway I hope I wasn’t too negative.

I accept the fact that hard rejects make you better but I believe a 1 minute of the reviewer’s time to write a little comment like “that thing there is distracting” or “that shape or layer or color is off balance” etc isn’t something so hard, and would be good for all. Just imagine that some people will like that item that you just rejected…

So many ambitious designers are leaving this site for this reason.

Please add some feedback? Is it so hard?

Thank you

Have a happy holidays!

hi Alkinos, as for i see, u have no account in envato , so basically nothing in a potential portfolio that u can show / that we can see or whatever at this time … . If you are experienced and are a greta designer as u mentioned (no doubt about it …), u should have no fear to let people see your work and how good this is and prove by actual test that this is hard to understand the concerned rejections, because , let’s face it , there are many guys who came and complained but were a bit too much boasting around actually and sometimes, rejections were very legitimate. So i guess u did not think about it , but u should show us the concerned works, or what u can do and we’ll be happy to say how good this is :wink: If u have been creating a new account simply to post your opinion on the subject or to complain about the concerned rejections, that’s really regrettable in my view because this basically means that u are not assuming the fact that u are not understanding these decisions. I recommend that u try to contact envato and try to ask them for a feedback. For me this solution has need worked but for some guys had a feedback sometimes, so u can give it a try anyway :wink: u know also there are more and more rejections as the number of guys is growing consistently and same goes with the number of items, hence some raising in standards on several separate occasions already … that’s something that we all must not forget to keep in mind sometimes. However no system is perfect either , unless u she u what u were talking about , this is hard to identify what this is all about

Your best bet is to share your projects here and community may give you some valuable feedback.

Although I understand how frustrating is the lack of constructive feedback from reviewer, you have to understand there are LOT of submissions every day and it is highly unrealistic to expect detailed feedback for each of those items. Generally, they will give some feedback only if you get soft rejection - you are close to expected quality level.

It is nice that you and your friend are thinking how good you are, but that doesn’t mean you are good enough.

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u are right, this is unrealistic at this stage because there 's a big workflow for each reviewer , however this is also legitimate for authors to expect for a personal feedback or at least a more detailed pre-made feedback than they have until now , they have put much effort, time and much of themselves into what they were doing and this would be showing a beautiful care that people have an individualized feedback when they are rejected … .

u are also forgetting about a little somethign, no system is perfect and let’s say that sometimes a good work doesn’t make it and sometimes a bad one makes it when it should not …

i do agree about self evaluating competences, this is easy to claim that we are sharks but there’s being a shark in a small pond and being a shark where the big sharks play. When u take a look at the big sharks that u can find here , being modest is rather a safe way