Hard rejected, no reason given

But maybe fellow designers can give me some insight? According to the Envato review team I cannot resubmit this work so it’s a total loss of time.

I’m new to Envato so their “Regrettably the Help and Quality Teams are unable to offer a critique or feedback on your rejected submission” doesn’t teach me anything.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Googolplexian, the Galore is hard to make out, and the text on the left has heirachy issues.

And you can resubmit, just totally change the background, l have resubmitted a few, but not without making substantial changes first.

Although most of the time, resubmitting doesn’t work.

And nothing is ever a waste, you just build up a library of ready to use graphic elements for next time.

Good luck.


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Problem margins, I not like color it, change better color also background, typography better you can search more fonts, etc

Hello, it is happens in 9/10 items. So take it easy. I allways upload rejected items for free on deviantart or behance
+plus for your carma
+plus for your portfolio and experience
+and you didn’t waste of time

so surf through evanto items and improve yout skill by making new.

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Yes, l agree in part to what alienn said, when l first started it was, 80% rejection rate, now it is the opposite, but it takes time to figure out how they want it, and what they accept!

And yes, relatively simple designs, can get through, but that usually means that additcional effort is needed for pattern styles.


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hi, for me this work is neither really bad, there are some good things, nr is it acceptable a this time, like this. Indeed, the header and the main text show a greta originality which is pretty cool and makes the thing eye catching (same goes with the styles that put on it and the contrast that u generate at the same time). now, the fact of the matter is that i am not so sure it can work so very well if a custom turns out to be willing to change one of the two main texts … . After that if the header is pretty good and well organized in my view, the other texts are not popping out and u have a real effort to make typo wise … . Th main hookah is not bad but it looks a bit of a homemade picture which doesn’t make it look outstanding . U have a problem with the organization too as the two texts in the side ways like this , this is not looking super good indeed. The background is too pale / made of too tasteless colors and are too much in the same tone as the central element which make the whole thing a bit “flat”. The footer is definitely not worked out enough … . I recommend that u add a few adjustment layers and a few well placed lighting effects … . Too bad that u did not give the same attention to the rest as u did with the header , if u had done, no doubt that u would have had your item approved , according to me …

not sur about the margins … do u know what’s the original format? if a a4 it could be ok … otherwise probably not …