Designs Hard reject

IM TRYING 11 TIME TO UPLOAD MY psd but i have to much rejections and never APROVE

The reviewers never approve/reject items due to their personal thoughts of someone or his country/religion, trust me. the biggest proof on what I’m saying is that the authors here are from all over the world. And if that was the reason of why the reviewers rejected your item, then why did they approve your previous 29 submissions?

Probably the reason behind the rejection is that you uploaded the same design of your friend’s item, that’s a legitimate reason.

Im tallking about THEME FOREST reviewers

and i uploaded anodher theme i have 23 psd themes ready to upload and im trying and never Have aproved so there is something what i cant understand

Graphicriver reviewers ale cool and very good reviewers

thank you for coment

All the envato reviewers are great people and true experts in their field, plus experienced with this marketplace so they understand what fits, work and would/would not sell.

With all due respect the files you uploaded into these forums prior to submission or post rejection simply are not up to the standard for here.

It is perhaps the hardest category to get into plus there are many more things to consider than for example a PSD graphic on GR (hence why it is not comparable and sold as a different marketplace as a different category).


ive seen many PSD designs and Outdated and submitet this year …/ so i dont know what to say more im desepointed to much

That is partly the point - it is not just about ‘out dated designs’ . PSDs for websites need to consider design fundamentals like typography, spacing, even UX and the value/potential for someone who buys it to bother coding it properly.

While I agree that ‘if’ a design is out dated then it should not be approved but if it brings multiple pages, unique features that if coded would make it stand out, and flawless layouts and content then it has a chance to get through.

I promise you the reviewers decision is never perosnal - if the design is solid and up to par then it will be approved from anyone.

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now im working one Templats and i think they will reject again

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The template is very nice :slight_smile: i really like it

Thank you But they rejected it and i dont know what to do more

They would told you the reason ?

No Just HARD rejected

Ho Sorry :frowning:
do you have any working demo of it or its a psd ?

im just designer

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Ohh its really nice design. Are reviewer told you specific reason? Why they are reject?

Ok, this is my review for your psd. I’ll be very honest, do not take it personally.
The reviewers not have anything personal with you . They judge your work on several criteria.
You have to respect some quality standards or market demand.

My advice is to do a another theme. Now I will say problems with your theme in my vision :

  • typography need improvement. try using only two fonts.
  • your design looks like 5 years ago. look at the current top products.
  • border content shadows are horrible.
  • your design is also very common, trying to come up with something new.
  • do more PSD templates - About 20 upward.

P.S. color is beautiful .

At first it’s difficult to understand how it works here. I wish you much success.
Good Luck


Each one we see here is an improvement on the last but there is still work to be done and I am afraid I agree this will be rejected.

  • This is a niche category so you are immediately restricting yourself in potential features etc. which could be a disadvantage but more importantly it means that everything needs to be perfect.

  • The first thing that jumps out is the lack of alignment. What gird are you using to design this?
    The search area, log in do not align, the profile pic does not align to the main content or anything else, the three icons top left also do not align to anything. This is basic design principals and make sit look inconsistent

  • The sidebar spacing is inconsistent, social icons look pixelated, the stuff down the bottom looks completely lost and again not aligned

  • Typography on the About 4 sections is quite nice however in other places needs serious work:

  • home page esp the slider

  • titles above content on other pages is v small

  • the subtitle content on services is a bit brash

The biggest thing with tpyography (may be just the jpgs) is that it looks like there are some massive inconsistencies. e.g. the nice type on about page is different size/color to anywhere else.

  • services has different fonts/ sizes (much smaller in many places)

  • then it goes back in portfolio/blog but again a different color

  • You need to demo what happens for portfolio items and blog posts

  • Generally the design is a bit old fashioned and basic

  • Personally I would be trying to find more elements and features to add e.g. login forms and so on. For example if I bought the PSD and wanted to code it - what is supposed to happen if I were to click one of those icons in the top left? There is no design for this which is a barrier to code and a black mark in review

  • There’s a lot of white space in the header between the profile image and logins

  • Perosnally not a fan of shadows

  • The margins on either side of content are completely different?

  • There’s no footer

Hopefully these make sense. They are mostly pretty fundamental and simple design layouts and features.

Hopefully it helps explain why you are having issues


no bro just HARD REJECT. i never copy odher designer those are all my ideas