URGENT help me

I not want wait more days my .psd submit 19 days ago :frowning:

What you think? (accepted or rejected)

What I can do?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Review times are lengthy, you have to wait.

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Many thanks, I not can do it :(, closed this forum regards.

Yes, Close this forums. Hahaha :smiley:

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I have submitted two PSD templates and both are got rejected I followed full requirements that has been listed here : https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202822200-PSD-Templates-Submission-Requirements

Is there anyone help me on this.

I would need to share a link to the demo image for anyone to be able to advise on it

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for whom are you saying?

Either of you. @prthemes may have followed guidelines but without seeing the design itโ€™s impossible to comment on it.

The review queue is what it is - you are not alone having to wait and there will be nothing that can be done to change it.

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Hi @charlie4282 Let me upload the JPG and share it with you in few mins many thanks for your prompt response.

I uplaod my design (sorry I fogort)

Maybe I wrong colors my templates .psd :slight_smile:

Did you design those app screenshots and graphs etc?

I make design photoshop iphone etc Seriously, check my file .psd original for review

I not copy other design, I make colors, etc as idea, please link where?

Not the iPhone - the screens above the pricing tables in the first design

I make my pricing not copy other designs, why?

not believe me? :frowning:

If you have a dude, question the reviewer for see my file .psd if he/she can rejected my design if not believe :frowning:

Again not the pricing or the iPhone - Iโ€™m talking about the images of app screens eg โ€œJana NovaKovaโ€ and all the details like weights, temperature etc etc - 4th section of first design.

Either way the typography, hierarchy and features are almost too restricted and simple for a PSD but those screens look like a much higher level

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I not can fix but do I can remove? I already submit 20 days :frowning: rejected or soft rejected?

Stopppppppp - screens images I use placeholders but use behance.net (I bad understand english)