Help me. Hard reject psd.

I have submit a sample of the ecommerce psd, after 10 days of waiting, it was denied. Envato team responded as follows:

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NOT MET: Your item does not meet the minimum technical requirements for this category design.

Can you help me understand exactly what the Envato. They’re talking about design techniques or aesthetic quality? Can someone tell me what the censors a product psd.

because I am a fairy tail - I will answer, yes - typography, spacing, padding You must work on it. :wink:

You review items I already submit? WordicaTheme?

yes it is … second day and Im sure I will lose next 12 days, got hard reject - when I could try to earn it on in the meantime.

Can you give me an objective comment about the item I sent? It’s really bad or my technique is poor, or both? WordicaThemes.

you can add my skype? ID: tungdo198

Thanks so much!

You don’t send any link, that’s why I’m “fairy tail”

Thanks for help!

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It’s PSD ? Then that’s not design yet, that’s X photos with few letters …

remove link

your design is good but need margiin of your fonts, your see a image as like:


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remove link please not can send .psd here forum. only preview image

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Thank you!

can you give me more ideas?

Can you give me some comments on the points you see no stability in my design? WordicaThemes.

Thanks so much!

You need extensive work on typography and details.

Consider the spaces, sepaciones and alignments since otherwise it is an absolute mess.

Not that kind of grid are using but it has to change

good luck

Thanks TexTheme!