Feedback Please

Hello everyone! :smiley:

I have just got a message that my template is hard rejected, and message is the same as i got for my previous template:

Your template has a good start, unfortunately, due to our high
requirements your template is not ready for the PSD template category.
This would be better suited as a Site Templates, it has potential to be
accepted but it may require more improvements before it’s approved under
another category. When submitting this item as a Site Template, please
make sure to note this to the reviewer. Your are not providing an
unpleasant template but the PSD category requires higher quality in
terms of aesthetics.

I have notice that i have left the text in blog post to not fit the form (accident, because i was chanigng form size), but i guess if that was the reason for rejection i would get soft reject, not hard reject message.

Here is the template screenshot

I would really appreciate if anyone could give me some advice about what should i improve in this template and can he get approved then after making that improvements.

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I think your design suitable with site template (HTML). To submit PSD item you need more design options (onepage, creative page, shop, blog, …). You can check other item in PSD category, they provide more design option for one item.

I don;t think there is anything wrong with the design. I think they are rejecting it because they have a lot of similar designs already.

Let me know if you are interested in converting it to a site template.

Thank you for answers. I thought to first send this main page and after it gets approved to update item with additional pages, but if that could be a possible reason for reject, i will create other pages now and then submit again, but i am not sure that’s the reason because there are items on ThemeForest that have only one main page also.

Does anybody else have some critique on some part of the design, should i improve something, or just to make additional pages and submit again?

Thanks in advance.

Anyone? Please give me some suggestion, i would really appreciate. Thanks in advance

Hello everyone!

I have improved some things on design and submited my item again, and this time i got hard reject without any comment from reviewer!!! I just can’t believe it, they rejected it like it’s trash of design. So that means i should just put my item in Recycle Bin?


Anyone? Please give me some suggestion.

hi there, honestly for me u are very close from an approval, i don’t think that u have a real issue with the way the thing looks indeed, u just need, as much as possible to introduce a few little originalities and bring a little more care or details to the whole thing and that should be it … . As for me , for instance, i would to try to find a way so that the white devices do not look like u stuck them out of nowhere in the page … but try to make sure that u have harmony and that it looks realistic that they are where they are … . Also, right next to “why choose us”, i tend to consider that the devices are lacking contrast and do not pop out much , when they should, u should rework the contrast and also drop some shadow so that “people buy it more” … but this is a good start in any case :wink:

Hi n2n44,

Thank you very much for answer and suggestion about how to improve design. I think also that item is close to approval but i am not sure if that small changes that you said can really make design from hard rejected to approved. Also, i don’t know why i didn’t get any constructive feedback from reviewer? When i was uploading my first items to TF i was getting some messages from reviewer, and now nothing.

I would really appreciate if someone of very experience authors on ThemeForest could tell me what could be reason for rejecting, and should i start making new template or this template can get approved with some changes?

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hi buddy, as for what i know, because i did not get any hard rejection for a while (let’s cross fingers that things go on this way lol) when u are hard rejected, then u do not get feedback … so not surprising that u did not get any in the end … maybe if the thing changed for you , this is because when u first upload they consider that as a newbie (at least in a category), u need to be guided a bit more … i am not sure , but what i know is that any time they hard reject this is difficult for many guys to figure out what happened indeed , maybe the whole thing was a matter of taste … or maybe some untold other reasons … reviewers have a lot to do and nobody wants the queuing to increase, so that envato opted for this option …

as for knowing what to do next , this is hard , i guess that only u really knows and i assume that this is your mission to find just this out , as for me, apart from what i told u, i do not really know … but i tend to believe that if u do, u will embetter some details and that details do matter all the same and that it may embetter the general feeling that people have with your item, including reviewers …

Thanks for answer mate :smile:

When you get soft rejected then you get detailed feedback (reviewer tells you exactly what you should change) and when you get hard rejected sometimes you don’t get any message, and sometimes you get something like “This template is better suited as Site Templates…” or “You should improve overall typography, add some unique features…”.

I have already started making new template, but i still think this template is ready for TF.

I had a look at your item but surprising it looks very similar to thefox theme’s design -