About the Reviewer Quality and Rejections

I dont know if its discussed or not but i like to ask envato that why you working with rookies and not hiring some top quality reviewers just for reviewing ? Isnt it weird that a reviewer is also an author around and selling his own projects ? Doesnt it sounds like even a bit of suspicious ? I mean there is tons of complains about rejections and inconsistencies between the accepted and rejected projects and most of them right about their complaints. But all they get that “dont get personal”, “dont get angry just because we wasted your days of efforts”, “if you get angry to us we suspend you and we answer nobody, we own the site, its ours , OURS you got it ?” and suspension or total removal of account. I even saw a reviewer who rejected my work because “its copy of a famous opener” while that reviewer have a copy of a famous opener project accepted in his portfolio. Okay dont tell me about i added some extra dots or whatever. Copy is copy. But that kind of inconsistency ? Its not acceptable. You have to make this place more respectable, more fair, more consistent, more better everyday. So why dont you spend a bit money to hire best of the best reviewers ? Didnt you made enough money ? Long story short review your reviewers first. Criticizing and threating people can not and will not work forever. Best regards.


Totally agree.
I have seen in recent times, the reviewers and their approval times are so long, and in many cases, of senseless disapproval.
I think reviewers are collapsed with a lot of material and quickly discard work well done, with excuses that are not real or lack an experienced vision.
That for me has been a great deterioration in this platform.


Thank you for your support and opinion. I believe we have to make some noise to get listened, to make this place more bearable, more ours.


I agree entirely. I just joined this site within the past month, and uploaded my first project last week. Despite many similar projects that have been accepted, mine was not. I really put a lot of time and care into the project, just for it to get shot down. And how am I not supposed to be offended when much of my time gets thrown down the drain? The reviewing process as it stands is quite ridiculous.

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Thank you again for having courage to join the conversation and showing us what is wrong. Some unfair reviews forces us to compare items. Thats inevitable. And after that, we get blamed because we compare items and be so called “disrespectful to authors” who already suffer from same issues.

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I’ve been angry with the reviewing process for a long time. My point of view has changed a few times:

  1. Most reviewers don’t upload a lot of works and they don’t influence other authors in a bad way, so that point is unproductive.
  2. I definitely agree, that the reviewing is not consistent. I’ve had probably tens of projects rejected, but looking at the rejected designs after a year I kind of understood why they rejected them. But there are moments when: “How the f this projected was accepted, mine was better.” But it doesn’t happen often.

Lastly, you can’t ask a human to be perfect.

P.S. But envato inc. is the real thing to be concerned about, they don’t care about authors at all, throughout my many years envato has never did something that helped authors, only made it worse. 5 years ago videohive was a very interesting place: amazing authors, I used to wait their new projects just for interest and beauty. They are all gone. So others will be gone with current trends.

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Actually it doesnt matter too much whether they upload lot or few they are inside of this business therefore you cant know that if a reviewer intentionally reject your work or not. Would you like me to review your items ?

Of course you cant expect perfection from any human but you can indeed expect justice and consistence and it ll all start with the facing off the essence of envato which all staff choose to ignore it and try to direct it somewhere entirely different. That makes connection between your P.S. We should really concern about envato because it evolves in wrong direction. In my opinion the essence of envato is that this place is a flea market. I spending time in flea markets in my country. I really like it. Its full of garbage when you look entire picture but somehow when you get inside you ll find something to buy, something useful and you can even find antiques or precious gems. And best part of it that you can buy them with a non brainer price. So thats been said a garbage of one is a tool for another. Lets face it. Envato is not Gucci or Prada or whatsoever. If he try to be, he ll lose and fall shortly. Because there is alternatives rising, and they are rising in every level. If you look for garbage you can find it in another market for lower prices or you looking for some high class work ? There is markets that contains ultra high quality items with higher prices too. Envato stands just between two. It has garbage it has gems antiques, it has everything. To keep the point there is several reasons behind rejections and most important of them is the flood. The explosion of items. You are welcome to look that batch rejection stupidity in forum. Did you see batch approval idea against the batch rejection ? No. The problem is that they are asking about how can we stop the flood ? This question is the problem itself. You can make sewers, direct them to sea and its gone. You dont have flood problem. But. There is a big but ! If you ask that how can we handle the flood ? That can lead you to better solution. Because there is nothing such as too much water, we always need more water. We just need to control it, we need dams in proper locations, we need our sewers routed to proper facilities and this way we can use flood for our own good. But when we leave the analogy, we see there is only one way to “handle flood”. Its investment. It means more reviewers, expanding storage options, more resources, long story short it means money must be spend. This is why i asked that didnt you made enough money ? At the end if a rejection makes an author stronger and better, it makes two of them leave that place. This is why envato isnt like the old days, the days you and i used to wait fantastic projects of amazing authors.


So just to paraphrase… you uploaded something, it wasn’t very good, it got rejected, and you’re not very happy it got rejected. Am I missing anything?

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did you even catch any world written in here ? Is this your favourite template clause for ignoring things ? Or it is the "Introducing the latest, introduc, intro, introducing the, int, intro, latest map ?

Oh I read it. You’re upset your item got rejected, so you’re looking for something or someone to blame. I mean it couldn’t possibly be anything to do with you, right?

I got what i need to you just go introduce some maps or model some high quality 3d spheres, there is no food for you in this topic, chase someone else to ban or threat or cheap sarcasm.

Take a look at topics you ll find hundreds of people blaming envato. Maybe then its a slight chance but still alive you can stop blaming people who blame envato and think about it there might be something wrong in our system and we might not be the god as we know.

Because they can’t bring themselves to consider the possibility that it might actually be down to the quality of their work… thats why they blame Envato. I mean, stuff gets rejected all the time, and I’m sure you’re aware of that, and accept why they do it. So the question would be… why is it ok to reject some files but not yours? What’s so special about them?

If you’re saying that hundreds of people ate blaming Envato then what does that prove? That they’re all right and Envato should approve everything?

I’m not saying that everything that’s rejected should be rejected. If I was a reviewer then I’m sure some items would get approved that would otherwise be rejected, and some items would be approved when they would otherwise get approved… it’s impossible to avoid when it comes to subjective content like design. But surely you’re not saying that 100% of these hundreds of people are all right? And if you’re not, then like me, surely you’re open to.questioning the validity of that blame.

Read carefully. I m open to questioning all blames. This is why i told i got what i need. And this is why i blame envato too. You are just repeating the things already spoken. Dozens of things and ideas written here. Let me quote from myself for example "

Dont you have anything to say about it ? Isnt it a serious blame ? Wont you ask for prove or maybe name of the reviewer ? Link to project ? Come on you are envato staff why dont you ask me to prove it ? Isnt that a serious problem in your eyes ? Will you just ignore it ?

That proves this

That ll go to any author who got rejected. Every work special for his author and every rejected author ll find some low quality stuff accepted and ll think its not fair. We are looking for a solution here. Solution not for just best interest of envato also for authors. Why dont you have a brillant idea like batch approval of items ? Long story short if you have an idea, a solution, you are very welcome to speak. Otherwise i recommend you to let this topic be.

reject reject reject((((((
why mr wise guy

I agree with the reviewer’s decision here. The 3D looks great, but the logo reveal is incredibly basic. This could have easily been accomplished with any basic video editing application using the pre-rendered 3D sphere as an overlay for the simple logo reveal. If the logo would have somehow been “formed” using the fragments of the exploding sphere (or something similarly more complex), this may have been considered acceptable.

You obviously have a great start here, and with some improvement, I could see this certainly being something we’d love to have for sale on the marketplace.


I’m from audio and music, but I totally agree with @fimich38 . :slight_smile: the 3D animation is amazing… but the logo looks like a cartoon…
greetings and good luck!

it seems to smell (gross) subjective bias in decision-making