What the hell? 7+ days for review? Why are we accepting this, as authors?

Completely unacceptable… Especially when THEY take 30+ % of our profits. Unacceptable!

Discussed so many times and while everyone (envato included) would like to see it faster the fact is that there are so many factors far beyond envatos control and very little that can be realistically done to change things dramatically.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of submissions a month, and over 70% are far far off the standard for here. To dent a volume like that would mean an unfeasible number of extra reviewers.

I know no one wants to admit it, and this is not a comment on anyone in particular but you only need to look at the “why my file was rejected” threads here to see how far away some are.

I’m 110% all for people joining envato and trying to become authors but I am almost certain that if some (new and existing) authors took time to evaluate the necessary standards and respect the professional expectations by taking a more realistic view of their work rather than just (incorrectly) seeing envato as a quick earner then that would lower review times far above anything else, standards would be higher and all round better for everyone.

I do get how frustrating review times must be but I don’t believe it’s much different in other marketplaces where authors don’t benefit from the scale that envato has.

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7,8 months ago it even took 3-4 months for the 1st review on TF.
You are still very lucky as it is not that long.


Mind you also, there is only 1 reviewer for most (if not all) categories on CodeCanyon.

[Removed] Hire 1,2,3 more CC reviewers? Why does CC have 1? Methinks Envato is shitting on the authors… Bread and butter… I suggest stepping off the “high horse”… I’m not the only author to “think” this, but I will speak out…

First off I am not and nor do I work for envato. All I am doing was trying to add some clarity.

Can you share where it says (officially) that CC has one reviewer per marketplace or category?

For what it’s worth I am sure you are not the only author to think any of this. All I am doing is pointing out that this has been discussed by some very experienced and respected authors, and envato many many times and that there are other considerations. After all if it was as easy as hiring more reviewers then surely the company who benefits from it would have taken that step?

If you want an official reply then you need to speak support https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Personally, I have never once had an issue with review time. I’ve had maybe 1 or 2 times where it took a week, but that is completely understandable given the circumstances. Most of the time I only need to wait around 3 or 4 days, I’ve even had a few miracles where it only took a few hours haha.

Honestly, I think if they kept the quiz/test to become an author from 5 or so years ago, review times might be a bit faster, because at the moment there are more members than there are items on the marketplace because anyone can become an author very easily, thus more low quality items are submitted. If they kept the quiz, and their high standards from years ago, then everything would go much more smoothly.

If longer review times meant higher standard for quality items, then I’d be all for that. Ever since Envato blew up, the standard has gone way down.


This is just my experience. Through all updates, submissions, etc over the years at CodeCanyon (also note that I’ve removed many items) it’s been the same reviewer.

There was 1 other one but he seems to have vanished. I cannot speak for all categories though, and 1 reviewer on CC is enough to handle all submissions. 1 week is a very acceptable review time.

Comes so much item to review. And envato changed the mobile category’s default order from newest items to popular items. And this will affect the sales too. So bad…

I think that’s fair!

Why? Because that way you stay on homepage more. Imagine if items get approved in a few hours or 1 day, you only have a few hours or 1 day to sit on frontpage then you’re pushed at the bottom by the newly quickly approved ones.

I think envato must balance their queue time for Updates and New releases by the way you can check average turnaround times here http://quality.market.envato.com/