Envato needs to hire some members now!

Hello, Don’t you think that Envato should hire some people for Faster review process?

Maybe. :slight_smile:

It would not make very much difference - there are thousands of subissions each month and adding even a few reviewers would make very little, if any, impact.

It may not seem like it but delays are as much mif not more often a result of authors end rather than envato

LOL yeah would have an impact for shareholders and investors, and the huge paycheck that they get out of doing nothing , this is thus a “don’t” lol i also like your logics, u add more people and nothing is changing lol wow so what, people would be hired to do nothing?!

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We never said it would not make any difference . Only that it would make minimal difference unless they were to hire a very large number of people, which may not be an option.

It is also worth remembering that it is not as simple as envato working to speed things up.

  • Too many approvals would potentially create a back log or minimise home page time and simply create a different frustration.

  • Authors also have a responsibility and impact on the queue. You only need to look at some of the items asking for feedback in these forums to see how far they are from the standards. If some (not all), let alone the disgusting number of people ripping other peoples’ work, took more time to review and respect the standards and other authors, then this would have a considerable impact.

This has been discussed a thousand times and if there was a workable solution then envato would have implemented it.

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1-2 days difference is enough for us!

This is just a suggestion, What other Authors think because Envato is no.1 Graphics company and needs to be fast… Very fast

I think Envato should be very fast! Nothing is impossible in this WORLD!

No problem! We still happy here. I enjoy my work.

I agree with everything Charlie said. There is a massive amount of submissions every day, hiring more reviewers wouldn’t do much.

In fact, I kind of like the review time as it is. Faster reviews means more items pushing my item off the front page. I also use the time to create marketing for my item, I first put all my focus on the item itself, then upload it as soon as it’s ready, then I spend the next few days working on marketing for it in preparation for when it’s accepted.

A way that WE could help decrease the wait time, is to put more time into each item, and not upload in bulk. Quality over quantity. I’m actually surprised how many times I’ve seen people upload 10+ items at once.


I like It. Stop the topic now! Moderator please delete this or hide this topic! Subject closed… :smiley:

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