Is the review process taking more time than usual?

Hi I wanted to know if the review process taking more time than usual, it has been 8 days since I posted.



Actually impossible to say as there is no guaranteed review time, but your item should be reviewed as soon as possible. You can often refer to the average review times at the link below as a guideline, but these are just averages and the actual review time could be few days shorter or longer than those listed:


hi this has been 8 days until not, the reviewing of your item is just around the corner, i think :slight_smile:

It just got approved :joy: thank you very much


hi happy for u indeed :slight_smile:

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Ye, the review time is absurd… They still haven’t hired more reviewers even after all this time and same problems… Instead of fixing them, they continue to make them. Disappointing.

hi buddy , there is nothing absurd , indeed, sorry to say just this but this is a fact, at least, for now … at this stage , as u may know, sales are down the kerb … so why rushing for reviewing anyways … all of us are experiencing absolutely disastrous sales in GR due to the covid19 situation (lots of places are still closed , especially in usa , and usa turns out to be the number one source of sales in normal times) … and they must feel the impact on the global money generated by the company (and fo course this is on shareholders that anyone will try to make up for the lost money, if u know what i mean LOL) … so this is not now that they have incredible sale drops that they are going to invest in more people for reviewing , i guess that u can identify this they will rather try to do the other way around … not to mention that we cannot say that having a new item has a real impact on our sales at the moment … there are close to no sales anyway ! my personal sales have decreased of around 75-80% … i know that this is a bit frustrating having to wait for long and not even being sure that the item will make it for sale in the end but right now , according to the global situation, i do not think that there is anything shocking indeed about having to wait this long, as it basically des not change anything , unfortunately

Listen… this problem has been here for the past what… 5-6 years ? Not going to repeat myself with all this nonsense. But as a company grows and you still have the same amount of reviewers, and not hiring more to speed up the whole reviewing process is just a bad decision and cannot explain it to this day. Every time I got an item reviewed was always by the same 3-4 people (in multiple categories on GR) So I speak from what I’ve noticed in the past 7 years that I’ve been here on this platform.

Just hire more reviewers envato. It will literally help everyone, you will make overall more money and people will have more freedom of planning when an item is uploaded on the platform.

don’t get me wrong, i do not mean that i would not have agreed with u in normal times , but the fact of the matter is that they did not do when they possibly could, so do not expect this to happen in a troubled time like this, this is what i intended to mention … just in case u did not get it, why do u think they did not do at the time they could do quite well, except for trying to avoid “further expenses” and reserving the money for shareholders , stockholders and so on …just like all million dollar companies do … u are right they should have done this at the time the business was alright but they made choices for targeted people … not for the common good. Besides, i understand the frustration of some people as this is also implying that they di not feel like dedicating some time to give people with hard rejected items a feedback, which basically meant a lot of guys feel disregarded. Anyway, my point is most importantly , do not expect that they do now at times when sales are so very low and company revenues must have plunged gamely when at times it was needed and they had the financial means they willingly chose not to do already …
but one thing i disagree with is that hiring more people will make then earn more … this is untrue … they are not growing their buyer base - especially at this stage - so the share of potential sales will be divided in more items, period … their catalogue is huge already and this is the way u have more and more items being hard rejected , so adding more and faster will not help in anyway to generate further revenue
besides, let me tell u something, there is a much more efficient method to day the least , that will also guaranty the quality of items, this is to restrain the number of submissions to one per day per author … lots of guys post 5,6,7 items per day … do u think that anyone can focus on quality being “spitting” items so very fast?! i personally do not think so …

I don’t have the sales of items like @n2n44 or @VectorMedia but I do know the marketplaces well and honestly, I think there are reasons that still stand as to why this has not changed.

  1. more reviewers and (in theory) faster or more approvals mean less time on the front page (unless it’s queued which would defeat the point), and a busier and more crowded marketplace, which would in turn most likely reduce sales for each author.

  2. slight elephant in the room, and obviously not aimed at the established authors in this thread - no amount of new reviewers would reduce the queue as much as if some authors (new and old) took a bit more time, had a little more respect and reality checked better what they are submitting in terms of quality and standards

i agree completely with the saturation thing that u have deal with, this is also what i mentioned BTW and i also agree when it comes to the limited of exposure given to any single new item freshly approved
now, unlike what u do, i can say that the process is far from being flawless , unlike what envato would like us to believe (pls let me remind u that some of us are from beginners and i assume that we have a bit of an eye for design and a bit of an understanding of what quality is all about), however , to add something more, i am not sure that having more members would mean more coherence … this is also why hiring guys to review does not look like such a “priority” for me …

I understand that Charlie and for obvious reasons I thought about that before commenting just to not look like a fool, a hater or whatever can be interpreted. And my honest opinion on this is… Design a new front page. I know people are scared of changes but this has to come at some point, it’s already old. I’m not saying it doesn’t work for what it was designed to in the first place but at this point there are almost 60 million items sold on this platform, I’m not even aware of how many there are that haven’t had a sale yet, so let’s just say a lot. So at this stage I would think there is a need for such a change to accommodate to it. And with that a change to the algorithm of how new items are showcased. I’m sure the engineers here know better than me and could come up with something innovative that works. At the end of the day everything evolves, doesn’t it ?

The thing is… it would, if it would be structured better.

It’s not about respect, even though everyone should have because at the end of the day they provided a platform for us authors to use in order to earn a living with our creations. And regarding the quality, of course I agree but they can be really vague some times with their ‘requirements’ by not giving any specific information on how you can improve what you made and spent some good amount of hours making it.

That’s what they are paid for, isn’t it ?

I wouldn’t be here arguing about this topic if I didn’t care about this subject and for it to see it improved.

oh really?! i assume that what i read in envato guidelines is that the focus is on quality , not quantity! LOL but i must have been wrong … (because pls tell me how u can come up with several items 5,6,7 and create something else but jokes or copies of copies of copies …)
i also identify your intentions and , once again, in normal times, i would not even partially disagree with u … besides, even now , i may not disagree, what i meant is that u can forget about it , because this is simply not going to happen … people have been claiming it for years and did not get it when times were so much better than now and fro where i sit, i have never seen anything being changed because authors do not like it , here …

Why would Envato make more money by hiring more reviewers?