Envato needs more staff

I wounder, how much people works at envato exactly?
And how much of them make the review teams of codecanyon and themeforest?

The main reason that I ask this questions is because your review time is just toooo long. Too much waitiiiing…

I found on the forums more than 50 posts of users that share my opinion.

So i suggest that envato gets more staff members to speed up the item review process. Do you agree with me?


The review times are so long because of how many new authors start uploading every day, on top of already established authors uploading their stuff. Of course it’s hard to keep up with this ever growing marketplace, but I’m sure they are doing everything they can. I stopped worrying about review times a long time ago, because in the end, it doesn’t really matter. I suggest you do the same. Just keep creating quality items.


About 2 years ago they hire about 100 people, but I don’t know how many of them work as a reviewer. But You must understand that they have about few thousand new items every day :slight_smile:

Definitely agree with you…Current time on Audiojungle is 11 days for my last item and i really think that is too long…It DOES matter and there are alot reasons why.Some may agree and some not but if uploaded 10 tracks on 25th in the month and review time is 10 days, it will be aproved in next month! What if i sell bad in the current month and want to boost my sales with those 10 items and i cant because they will aproved next month and the cash i earn from it will be for that month too…One in 100 reasons why should review time must be 1-2 days.

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But You understand that Envato is a company and must earn? For WordPress section they must hire someone who know wordpress, for audio, someone who know this topic … 1-2 is impossible in my opinion when few thousands of new item is added every day. They must hire 500 reviewers to do this and this is 500 x Salary for every reviewer and probably numbers of accepted items won’t change… and second thing, the faster You item drop down from first page of results, You got less money :wink:

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There is statistic about audio files aproved each day…I think about 900 items every day…I dont know how much reviewers they have for audio files but 11 days, hey…It must go down because there are alot of new authors and more uploads so they must grow their army by that.

Honestly, with the amount of new authors joining every day and files being uploaded, if the review times were 1-2 days, Audiojungle would be accepting 5 times more tracks every day. And the marketplace would be EVEN MORE flooded than it already is. Is this a viable alternative?

Yes and remember , more competition, less sales per user :wink:

I prefer the longer review times for that reason. The marketplace doesn’t need to be any more flooded.

i agree with anything said , but i may also add that they are maybe not hiring because they must be extremely careful about insuring some shareholders their huge annual money growth … (nd that with the concerned amount they would probably hundreds of guys)

i ares with what u said my friend, however, they are not considering this and they may also consider that sea goes with the other authors also waiting at the time as u do … the problem is that this system is made for people who can dedicate all their time to this place but that almost nobody can do out of failing to make a decent revenue out of their activity here (also due to the fact that there are tons of items and authors to choose from)

what u said makes sense, however, i am sure that they find some big money annually for all shareholders and so on to make big bucks, and in their case, they are not doing anything, unlike authors … . U also have to keep in mind that many authors want to feel like they are being cared about and that this is shown somehow some way and most of them , among other things, want not to have to wait for ages before they get they items / money makers approved …

u are right in a way, just also keep in mind that , in addition to approvals, they have a big and still growing number of rejections to deal with and that this is some additional work too , and this is somehow someway legitimating the need for more reviewers in a way … . However, how many of us want to have their fess increased again (when they are already big/ huge), i guess not so many of us indeed … as for me i prefer waiting rather having some money going out again … let’s face it , envato is not going to pay for additional reviewers unless they withdraw bigger fees again , they are a company and think for profits in priority …

i tend to aree a bit with u , as i think that one of the main issues is that new items have some potential to bring sales and if items are too, really too numerous , two things may happen, people may choose from the cheapest ones, or buyers may select items from top authors or highly bought items and that’s benefiting all those who need really more sales in my view …

Yes, the review time is pretty long (as my experience on CodeCanyon), almost everytime I submitted item, it took about 4-5 days to review them, but I understand it. There are about 6,4 milions of users, imagine if even 1/10 were uploading their items on envato marketplaces at the same day.

Imagine what would happen if they removed the review process all together though? This is the lesser of two evils

There would be marketplace full of low quality items, malware and so on.

they don’t and let’s face it, these figures are swollen ones, as this is either not the number of regular users and i think that some guys did not show up for a very long time until we could consider that they are not really here anymore … but this is also sort of an advertising to display these figures