8 days, why??


Why the review is too late?



i am quite surprised that it takes so very much time to u … indeed, my last approved item was accepted 2 days ago in the evening after 5+ days of queuing


As an estimate logos are at 8 day reviews http://quality.market.envato.com/graphicriver


I hope envato will find a solution to this time that is wasted by the designers waiting


I am upset!


They get thousands of submissions - there’s only so much they can do.

We outlined the process an challenges in more detail here



:slight_smile: since I start sell here it’s normal. Thousands of customers per week per market… maybe hundrets of staff from envato at all…

do you expect matrix ? :slight_smile: be patient :slight_smile:

don’t wait for review - make next work , and next , and next … 8 days? make 8 new works :slight_smile:

hehe peace


if so Paul pls tell me why sometimes things can be reviewed in one hour and some other times, it takes almost ten days … basically conditions of thousands of authors and tons of submitted items are the same … (now we know that reviewers may take a break or these sort of issues, this is legitimate)

plus, sorry to tell u just this but as regard to the very high fees in all envato marketplaces , authors may turn “demanding” when it comes to waiting time and expect not to have ages to wait before their items can make it for sale … in case u do not keep this in mind, those who are not in “envato elements” are very often depending on new items to get exposure and sell … not to mention that some also get anxious that their items are rejected after such a big waiting, which does not make authors feel any better as for what i have heard …


the worst thing is just like what happened to me last night , u have a cool item and without anyone manages to identify why , this is hard rejected. What u think in the end , is just " 7 days to make such a pathetic job, this is ridiculous". This is even getting worst when u compare with some things that could be approved and that are as much a joke indeed, sometimes u are wandering if envato “quality standards” are not about quickly done poor things …


I need plan or guidance that always give me approved items, at this level I focus on 3 things: simple idea, simple design, unique logo. but it doesn’t work in making templates, aspecial on envato!
help me please!


i think that u have to push the envelope for the design , unlike what u said because it will help u to either bring more originality to the table and offer a worked out item , too


Again, talking from experience and seen what the ‘evolution’ of Envato was.

It’s all about money, they do not to invest more money into more reviewers and if they invest more into the reviewers they will have to re-design the front page because of the increased of ‘new content’ on the page.

Also they redirect the traffic towards that stupid elements thing, and they put the original market on the back low, they are trying new stuff while they literally ignore authors opinions, 0 feedback. NAAAAADA! They could not care less.

It’s basic and logical thinking than could be and can be seen if you actually pay attention to details.

It’s all about greed. Any big company when they become ‘huge’ they start to give less shits about their own ‘employees’. It happened and happens all around the world on the biggest companies that exist.

It’s the same mentality.


this is something you can ask envato team not me - I am just trying to figureout this long review times :slight_smile:


just in case u did not get it, this was in no way a question but rather a demonstration of what u said is simply not accurate. Indeed, in any case, the bottom line is that the waiting time is not the main problem about reviewing and definitely not the hardest one to solve if the focus was not only act money every time. If they want solutions to solve all the problems related to this process, they can contact me, i have tons of them! This will start with limiting daily submissions for authors to 1 - thus focusing on quality rather than quantity like some guys are “pushed to do” now and a situation resulting into the weirdest thing ever to have guys producing a battery of things having almost all approved , despite they are quickly done and most of the times copies, so that they end up with portfolios of over 2k or even 3k+ - per account and limit the number of accounts to 2 (in case there is one one non exclusive and one exclusive, otherwise, only one allowed)


let’s not do as if we are leaving in a world that is not capital-concerned only (regardless of the people) … the funniest part being normal people being called “lazy” by some capital holders sitting in their bottoms all day long with nothing to do but putting pressure on companies to collect extravagant dividends

elements, placeit, blablabli blablabla but let’s face it , even with this we could do a correct run all the same if we were not added brand new hurdles on our paths every time that envato has a “new announcement”

this is most importantly too bad that they cannot see these feedbacks for what they are … that is to say a way to make all get better benefits, starting with them … this is unfortunately a one way ticket, they think that they know and they do but we are the ones impacted and most of the experiments they do , good sense makes people understand that the concerned things they impose are just not working

huge mistake buddy! we are not , and the bottom line is that they do not want to make us feel this way , it would open us rights and bring some duties to the table for them (when they prefer being free just like they are right now). At least the thing should be a partnership between authors and the platform, which is the minimum that authors could expect. However this is clearly not what happens. Take a look at the maelstrom of complaints that they get and ignore when they make new introductions not favouring authors … all is said …



I think you have too much time - you are writing a books here…

:slight_smile: I am out, I don’t have this much time only for forum. Work is waiting :slight_smile: Peace.


i am writing what i have to say … i sleep really not much , too and try to make this community alive … i hope some guys , like me are interested in exchanging … instead of having all guys in their own ways , isolated and everything


I think there are too much submissions.


I understand exchanging informations but what I mean is when I write short message to you on the forum I get response like full A4 paper… and I don’t have this much time to read all message so make it shorter -> specially for me :slight_smile: something like exception but only for me. Short messages - and then I can respond. :slight_smile:


I am really appreciate your effort!..
Thank you!