Reject All You Want!

Thanks for submitting your file, however, we are unable to accept the item for sale on the Videohive marketplace. After reviewing the video, we have decided that it does not meet Videohive’s strict quality standards. We look forward to seeing more of your work.

I wonder, who did the review? how many sales does he/she have? how big is the portfolio?
Come on, give me reason why.

or you just simply dont have reason and does not want to see other authors expanding, threatening your portfolio?


Not all reviewers are authors here but they are all experts in their field, very familiar with the marketplace and it has nothing to do with feeling threatened to let other authors sell here.

That rejection is a ‘hard reject’ which means there is too much they feel needs attention to provide detailed feedback. Files closer to the necessary standard which are ‘soft rejected’ will get a list of things to consider.

You can share links to a demo here to receive not, advice and feedback form other users and authors into what could be improved.

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reject all you want without reason.
its not just EndVato in the market.

As usual, the things that they reject here will be uploaded somewhere else, and always be accepted and sales well, with higher revenue. Just keep on rejecting guys!

There must be a huge amount of traffic to review and get through. Even so, is leaving one line giving a general or simple reason so time consuming?

Considering people can spend a hefty amount of time creating something, to dismiss it with no reason at all can be so frustrating. There is a distinct lack of respect in that.

Use even preset lines even. “lacks techniqual quality”, “too many similar style products already”…

hi, i do personally agree with u, all authors are aspiring to get to know what is supposed to be wrong with their items … however , unlike what u are saying, with the massive flow of authors here and of items being submitted, the fact of the matter is that doing what u mentioned would take a lot of time, no doubt about it … . Indeed, many would not like as they would have their files queued for longer again as review would take more time … . In addition, i personally do not agree with Charlie on that one … even if i nod to what he has been saying, because for me there’s an artistic part in what we all do … in other words, tastes are an issue and are part of the ingredients that are being considered. i guess they would not feel like providing people with an explanation like “well i don’t like your item, i don’t think that’s aesthetic” or sort of “it find this ugly” or something like this … that’s how u also end up with a pre-made formulation like the one that u have when u get hard rejected, when they tell you that this is not in keeping with the standards …

You should post your project here for feedback. The community is very helpful in pointing out what could be wrong with your project. Don’t be discouraged. It’s highly unlikely that your item was rejected due to the reviewer wanting to protect his or her share of the market. Rejection can be difficult, everyone here can understand how you’re feeling, but you should keep trying because it’s worth it.

@azamshah72v Sorry to hear your item was rejected. You’ve been an author for quite some time, so you should know by now that you’d achieve better results by contacting support if you feel an item was wrongly rejected, rather than needlessly attacking the reviewers in the forum.

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How i cantacting support??