Chaotic reviewing process is highly demotivating (Rant :D )

I don’t know about you people, but I’m experiencing more and more disappointments in Envato and their review process in particular.

Recently, many new reviewers have been employed and their opinions are so different that I tend to get some very strange rejections.

Example 1 - When I submit two resolution versions (4k and 1080p) of the SAME footage, it often happens that one gets accepted and the other gets rejected. The SAME, IDENTICAL footage!
Example 2 - I tend to submit multiple clips from the same shooting: same lighting, same subject, but with difference in angles, interactions and camera work. But although some clips get accepted, some get rejected - not because they are duplicate, not because of technical issues, but because the content - even though the content is the same as with those that are accepted!

A few times so far I’ve fallen into the “trap” of contacting the support, and after losing a few days of going back and forth with support staff which are ignorant of inner workings of the system they represent, I decided to simply give up.

For 6 years I’ve been exclusive here, highly motivated and strongly devoted author/contributor and forum/community participant, but lately I feel like we’re treated like expendable goods.

Rant over, thank you for reading :smiley:


Yes, you’re totally right, it’s very disappointing, Even though I’m audio-guy, we at audiojungle have very similar problems now.

Sorry to hear that, always thought that Elite authors had some sort of privilege with reviews, as being Elite means you provide top quality / top sellers items and you know Envato rules / requirements. I don’t know what to think :confused:

I admit that sometimes there indeed is some submission of mine which isn’t up to the quality standards for some reason - it’s expected to happen, especially with batch-uploading. But mostly that is not the case.

However, believe me that there have been quite a few occasions in which I was more familiar with the requirements and the contents of the (VideoHive) library than the reviewer who reviewed my files.

Btw, there are no privileges for Elite authors. Not that I am asking for privileges - we’re all in the same boat here. :slight_smile:

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If you wait until the first version/resolution has been approved, than adding a link to the already approved item will probably eliminate the potential for getting it rejected. I know that’s a pain, and it’s not a real solution, more of a work around… but should work! Bit of a pain though.

Tried a couple of times - didn’t work every time :smiley:

I feel the same. I also communicated with several colleagues they top Elite authors too, they has the same problem. At me on other stock accept everything and on Envato i have record of rejects this week 100% of reject. I think policy Envato is changing. Also there will be two ways. Or they through time will understand that such policy isn’t favorable how have understood pond5, or They will work with corporations at whom quality is proved by their experience and the equipment. I think such policy after some time will kill a segment of freelancers of videographs.

Here same problem i know him.

I don’t know what to say or think anymore :slight_smile:
Everything that gets rejected here, I submit elsewhere and it gets accepted there. In the end, we will see who’s on loss in the whole picture.

Interestingly and this topic in general curators or Envato’s managers read? They guess a problem? Or they purposefully do it? To differ from other stocks in better material? Or it their new strategy…

Today the situation doesn’t change!!! :frowning: More rejects
But i am in shock look at this video

HOW this video could be accepted look at the movement of a video camera. It was shot using hands without any stabilization devices. Camera movement is to jerky and video is accepted? Date of acceptance on May 18
HOW PEOPLE? :0 Whats going on?

Why my video bad why it was rejected?

I think your shoot is not wide enough, your talent has her hands out of frame, reaches for something that the audience can not see, that is not ok. Try a wider shot, or try making a pack with multiple angles and focal lengths.

thanks i will try

wider shots with tripod )) yeah)) this is what curators likes))) Envanto curators doesn’t think like filmmaker/videograph, they think like robots))) So if you want to have success with Videohive curators: shoot uncomplicated shots with wide angle (no any depth of field), there is must be super sharp all frame! they don’t like “lack” shot. Never move your camera or using only IMovie/Ronin or some Hollywood tips. And you’ll rose 4$ for clip)) Or shoot food and ppl with phones ))) and don’t think to much ))

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