Rejections on Videohive

Guys, I really can’t understand what’s going on? I get hundreds and hundreds of rejections for footage clips on videohive…
Good clips with actors, good locations, makeups, with light and a lot of other things with a lot of time and money spent on post-production gets 100% hard-rejections. All this batch got a 100% approve on competitors sites.

What’ s going on here? I didn’t upload for about 4 months and now I see that there are a lot of new reviewers, mostly from Hungary… Who are this people? What brief did they get, I wonder?..

Be patience and work bro.I understand you. you should watch other footage in videohive.You should find different thing.I believe you will be successful.

I feel same!
Here is same problem, i think they want to break business.

At this week i have my own record :slight_smile: 100% rejects and all this files are accepted on sites such a shutterstock videoblocks pond5 and others and even on fotolia

Only now I see this topic…

I feel the same. Most of my footage randomly gets rejected, with no particular reason. The worst thing is, I get some footage accepted and some rejected, even thought they are from the same shooting, with same actors, same image quality… And there are no explanations (not even rough ones), just that it’s not up to their standards.

This is getting ridiculous. I have made a test - all of my rejected footage gets instantly submitted to some other stock agency - and they 100% approval there!

In my experience from a few years ago, most of the PhotoDune reviewers were from Hungary, so maybe they were re-assigned to help with long review queues on VideoHive. If that is so, then imho it’s the worst possible option. Even on PhotoDune they are way too strict, and footage can’t be reviewed the same as photography.

If it really that video can’t be checked by the same criteria as a photo. Because photographers not all well understand video processing

Yeah… One day the situation will change I hope, because it’s stopping the Envato’s business growth

Maybe its their new strategy?

Look at this video
Why it was accepted? Camera movement is very jerky and without any stabilize.

I have similar video and it was rejected, all batch is rejected.
Look here is my footage which was rejected

In my opinion the hands are cut off in most of the composition.

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