Specific Reasons for the rejection

Hi, everyone! For some reason 100% of all my footages have been rejected with a hard reject. I was wondering is there any place where I can check the specific reason for the rejections?

Hi yashabaker, I’m also experiencing the same thing as you, but before it happens to you, make sure the video you’ve uploaded meets the requirements of Envato Video Requirements, in addition you also need to follow the current trends and events. :blush:

Thank you for your reply. I’ve read the requirements (they pretty much the same on all microstocks). The thing that confuses me that all other stocks accept the footages even shutter stock and Getty Images and here ALL of the footages are being rejected and I can’t find the place to check the reasons.

It happened to me exactly, and it makes me wonder if this is caused by restrictions on videos that will be published every week or what?

Exactly, I am thinking that the reason for the rejection is not the footage itself - see other restrictions. So the question is still open - what are those restrictions. Because for me it started happening from the 2nd of May. 100% - hard reject.

This happened to me as well.

Disk space, and the new review team. It’s a new trend.
I have over 165 items on GR. Almost perfect track record with the old review team. New team kicks in and I haven’t published in over a month. Items of low quality and poor title formatting are readily available at the front page. Rejected material ends up scoring best sellers once submitted to other platforms.
@Benleong What is going on?!