What´s up with all these hard rejections?

Apparently it´s impossible for me to upload to videohive anymore. I´ve been a member here since almost the begining of back then Flasden so 7 years now, and had maybe rejected item once per last few years. Could understand that ok, maybe item needed some improvement. But in last 20 days I had 5 rejected items out of 7 submited. Now for me that´s a bit alarming since I thought I knew, till now I guess, what make item approved in terms of quality and usage. Kinda hard to swallow that number.

Or are there some new policies that I´m missing cause it feels like I never before submited anything here?

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Hey sorry @elements it would be interesting to see some of these rejected works.

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Here is the latest one:


Hi! Something strange is happening. I can not say, that I’m experienced videohive author, but few months ago, I uploaded 2 different AE Lower Third projects, both of them were rejected without reasonable explanation. It was really pity, because I couldn’t even think that they could be rejected… Now you say, that you are a member for already 7 years and you have such problems…
Not really funny…

Agree. I´m uploading on more less regular basis so most of the time I´m sure it will be approved. Like mentioned, in the past if it got rejected would say, hm ok yeah maybe was a bit this or that. But 5 out of 7 in less then a month… would like to hear at least something else as what the reason could be on that rejection amount besides:

Unfortunately your submission isn’t ready for VideoHive and cannot be resubmitted as it did not meet our minimum requirements for quality and/or Envato Market policies.

Hey Elements, I remember few of your “trance” projects, Eric Prydz kind of ones…that was really something.
Also, few slide shows that were different than zillion of others.
Therefore, i believe reviewer took a look at your portfolio and said “this guy could do much, much better than this…”.

Also, there are author’s who do project within 6-8 hours, got approved and sell them well, while some authors must do something really unique to even get approved, because of prior amazing projects. You are one of them.
I might be wrong, but this are my 2 cents.

It’s true Elements, when i started uploading on VH a couple of years ago you were one of the authors that i looked up to thinking to myself “maybe one day i can get on this guy’s level” . It saddened me a bit that i had to unfollow you recently, since your projects seemed to lack the ‘spark’ some of your other projects have.

Really i just assume you’re uploading on videohive on your spare time, so you don’t really care that much about it, but still, i believe it’s better to spend the time you would take to build 5 average projects, on just ONE great project.

Personally, i love the fact that reviewers are getting more strict. There’s really no sense to approve projects that have been done to death already, even if the project is good from a technical and artistic standpoint, if it just doesn’t provide anything new.

Hopefully the authors will adapt, and the whole marketplace will rise its standards then. Isn’t that the point? To keep growing ?


I am happy too with more strict reviewers otherwise we will be loosing most good authors here.

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All true and with most I agree. I don´t spend as much time on template projects as much as I used to, so of course something will get lost on the way. I remember it too well making that kind of items but in the end deleting them cause they generated no or few sales, after spending 4,5 or 7 days on them. Many of you know that feeling.
If there would be enough feedback on those, trust me I would made VH my full time job and invested even more time in making them. Sadly that was not the case.

So, I decided to step down my working time, and produce items that are either currently trending or something that most buyers search. If my items are very specific in use, unique as you mentioned, then they have specific and limited audience. And very few sales. But if I decide to put in 8 hours max in a template, that I want it to look minimal and not terrifying to edit, while still maintaining its purpose and design aesthetics, don´t see a reason it should be rejected simple cause I can do better or my previous items were more detailed.

If you compare these two files, example one and example two, one is 5 day work (COD inspired) and second 4 hour work with almost same amount of sales in less of the time frame. When clearly you can see quality difference.

I know many authors here struggle with the same decision. Hm, should I spend a week on really great file, that will be lost on page two within few hours, hoping for at least decent amount of sales and exposure, or produce something within time where I can afford the loss.

If I need to produce more quality files again, ok, these are the rules and l´ll gladly follow them. But when I see items approved made on same level, style or complexity as mine rejected, then I get a bit worried.

Totally agree with you.

I also combine ‘few hours’ projects and hard long projects.

btw, I saw examples when Author spent about 3 months (!) for project and after 4-5 months it has about 30 sales.

Quality/usefulness should be first no matter how many hours were spent

Yeah, spending time on a template and then getting no sales is very frustrating to say the least. I’ve recently decided to only work and upload broadcast packages, those seem to be returning the investment just fine.

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Yes, it’s definitely the authors’ decision.
I spend minimum a week on one small project. Every time trying different techniques. Just want to do something interesting. For me it’s so boring to “clone” projects. It’s not what I want to do.
Last time I spent more than 2 months for a script. Not so popular category on VH by the way. But it’s so great interesting experience! I learned a lot of new stuff. And I feel fresh and ready to go back from code to AE.

But of course, my decision is not profitable.

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I have to say that your rejected file of yours has nothing to compare with your usual style…
At list the “elements” that i know the last 5-6 years has a unique and really high detailed quality style.

I don’t say that your titles worth the rejection… they are nice and simple (as titles has to be).
The problem is that you have to deal always with the relative opinion of the reviewer.
I also want to add that i had a rejected file about 15 days ago that in another website that i also sell it is 5th in popularity.

So…for sure something is going on… for sure also you have to look ahead and just upload your next " element"

Good luck for the next upload of yours :slight_smile:

Nick. (Realthing)


I’ve been sort of afraid to upload because of how strict things have become. I personally haven’t been rejected recently but judging from the forums, it’s much more common nowadays.

Elements, I’ve been your biggest fan since I discovered Videohive 3-4 years ago, I like this project but I agree with some of the others that it just doesn’t feel like it has that "elements’ quality to it. Also I’ve noticed you’ve been doing a lot of slideshow presentation style projects, which is fine and I think they look great, but I don’t think that’s quite your style. I’d love to see some “Hybrid .3” style stuff again, I still get goosebumps watching that one! Maybe you could incorporate some of that ‘mysterious’ mood into your slideshows.

Just to be clear that’s just an idea - you know your style better than anyone! Don’t let the rejections ruin your confidence, you’re an amazing artist! Good luck!

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have the exact same approach :blush:
trying something different every time

Well, if the quality threshold goes up, so does the author’s time input. If the risk of rejection or low sales rises at the same time, but prices stay the same or fall, it has the result of putting a descending glass ceiling on production effort. That’s why there are so many repetitive parallax slideshows around. No experienced, in-demand motion graphic freelancer is seriously going to risk three weeks of work on a project that won’t break even on the time input even in the unlikely event that it sells 500 times. Maybe once in a while just for fun, but certainly not on a regular basis.

I looked at my portfolio the other day and realised that I’d uploaded only 3 projects in the last 4 years. I guess this is the reason: the risk to reward is just too rubbish. My last 2 projects that together constitute about 5 weeks of my time have earned me about the same as I earn in a day as a freelancer. This is pretty disheartening for a designer with a 20 year track record.

In a way, I only see opportunity for Envato. This glass ceiling could be gotten rid of by giving quality authors who like to invent, a proper incentive to do so. That means a premium site; that means exposure and proper promotion for new and interesting ideas…even the ones that don’t make the big sales.

This is an unexploited area. There’s a market for it. We need high-profile guest curators, profile-raising marketing, a visual make-over on the site that makes it look the business and brings it bang up to date, that turns Envato into a go-to place for high-end motion designers and aspiring high-end motion designers.

If Envato doesn’t exploit this potential now, I’m convinved that Getty or someone will step in and take that business away. Undercutting prices is a game anyone can play. Building a lasting A1 quality reputation is the longer and harder game.

@elements I’m sorry to hear about all the rejections. I’ve been a fan for a long while, and I’ve always liked the fact that you have a definite trademark style. Seems like the gold rush was back in 2010.

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ThemeForest author here. I am experiencing the same issue. I have recently partnered with an incredible designer I was fortunate to meet through my day work. Together we build a new ThemeForest user account, and uploaded what I consider my best work yet.

The theme is a Ghost theme. It is meant to be minimal, clean. Similar to medium, ultra attention to typography, spacing. I am very proud of this work every time I open it in a browser window.

It was rejected, with comments that minimal design can work if you can handle the white space, but at the moment it looks like an unfinished framework.

This is a ghost theme. It is meant to be clean, minimal. I don’t want to have to add a carousel slider and bells and whistles just for the sake of it. People would buy that theme, I am 100% sure of that, yet the reviewers say it doesn't stand a chance to compete in this marketplace.

This is really annoying. It’s like every item in the marketplace now needs 37 homepage alternatives, 5 slider carousels… It feels like a race to the bottom.

My thoughts to other authors who already have approved items, and feel like they know what they are doing in their work, yet get hard (or soft) rejected.

Could not agree more with you here @felt_tips

It´s been a while since I really felt the need to produce something exciting and put it on videohive. Actually do not remember when we had last “Out of the box” contest (maybe we did but I missed it), that pushed authors to do their best to motivate and explore new ideas.

I´m not checking new files often but yeah, a lot of slideshows are incoming lately. Remember the days when it was really fun creating files and felt like I´m progressing with each new file, and at the same time author and buyer feedback was much more present, so there was a sense of reward let´s say it like that.

Today story is different. Like you said, risk of rejection and low sales is making me think twice what should I make and will it be worth it. Even before I was not so pleased with work I did, and always thought, hm ok let´s try better next time.
But there was less and less incoming sales on more work that was put in. So came a moment when I said, ok there´s not much sense spending a week on something that will barely be noticed. Latest files in my portfolio speak the rest of the story.

For now my professional road is elsewhere, cause like every other artist I like to challenge myself in every area, but Videohive became something that simply keeps my passive income in more less ok range.

So in a way I can understand all this incoming slideshows and minimal effort look on some submissions, but… how will that work in future, will be interested to see.