Stock Footage Rejected - I need feedback to understand what is wrong

Hello everybody.
I posted this and 4 more similar videos and they were all rejected.
They are all in 4k and at 120 fps.


Can someone help me understand what may have been the causes of the rejection?

Always post motion footage and templates. I’m starting with stock footage. Your feedback would be very useful to me.

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I somehow doubt it is your work. I just had my total batch of everything rejected. Most of those clips were accepted by several other very respected agencies, and the ones rejected were few and for being ‘similar’.

I am throwing in the towel with VideoHive as I simply don’t have the time to waste uploading content for naught. I am going to conclude that SS, AD, P5 and IS don’t know what they are doing by accepting my work consistently and providing a very consistent income over the years… from the very content VideoHive rejects… go figure.

I gave VideoHive and Envato a chance and now it’s my turn to hard reject.


Thanks for the reply.
I heard that they are rejecting a lot of stock footage on Envato.

Yes, it is true that it takes a long time to upload and tag the material.

I can’t understand where the key is for the material to be accepted.

Too bad you are discouraged, but unfortunately it is the logical consequence

I send you my regards!

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My last and final batch rejected again. Overall stats on Envato 97% rejected and on P5, SS, IS, and AD roughly 98% accepted.

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Thank you! It seems that there are several of us who are in the same situation.