Good footage hard reject why?

Guys i have footage which accepted on all marketplaces. But today reviewer reject 98% of my batch. And this same batch was accapted on other stock marketplaces on 98%
Recently reviewers became very cruel I don’t understand why they don’t take over my works. Standards of acceptance already as in a boutique stock.
Reason: After reviewing the video, we have decided that it does not meet Videohive’s strict quality standards.

Tell please what i do wrong?

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Should have been cut at 25 seconds rather than 26, and it seems like it’s been graded quite heavily. Apart from that, I think it looks pretty good.

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Some people say that it is necessary to do grading
and some people say that it isn’t necessary to process color strongly. So how to do? Different buyers don’t want to do color correction and grading and buy and put in project. Others buy and do color correction.

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There is nothing wrong with your footage. It is a very good footage with good light, location and actors. I know the feeling and I really get your frustration. The „funny” thing is that from my last batch that they approved (4 moths ago :smiley: ) they reject also like 95% of the work but they picked not the best work from that batch.
I have no ideea why they are rejecting everething, it`s like they are picking the stuff very randomly. And the worst part is that they are rejecting a lot of good stuff and have very low prices, not to talk about the review time :frowning:
So really, you footage is fine and everething is ok with it. We just have to deal with this stuff for now, hope they are going to change something in the future.


Colour correction is always debatable… a flat image leaves more room to move for the buyer in the edit, but will cause problems for a beginner who doesn’t know how to color correct, or has never needed to color correct.

When it comes to VideoHive, you’re probably better leaning more towards a color corrected image than one that isn’t… something that’s ready to go ‘as is’. But when it comes to grading, most people, and the majority of agencies, recommend minimal grading.

It’s not perfect, but I’ve seen that much worse footage is getting accepted

I agree with you. Look! Yesterday i uploaded and today i have first sale. Looks like it footage is good for sale, but reviewer reject a lot of good footages from this batch. There is one of reason of rejects is jerky motion of camera but look at this footage

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And I don’t even speak about color correction and light now it on a low or middle level
If I would be a curator I told that this clip has no commercial potential or movement of the camera jerky but it footages is approved! I pay money for locations and to actors and for makeup for each who take part in shooting, each shooting i try to do the best what i can. And i learn every day that to improve looks of my footages.

So where is the truth why my footages is rejected?
Similar to corruption or a favoritism!

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Tell please how can i understand it fact? read please my previous message

Neutral colors should be. Not blue image. Panning and sliding should be smooth, it is ok here but changing direction of sliding is a bad way. May be you had some issues with a framerate or codec so it is rejected

Thanks for comment!

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That’s a good point. It’s a textbook kind of move that would work if you were cutting to a secondary camera, then you can hide the change of direction… but with just the one shot you want it to be static, or moving from point A to point B, rather A to B to A etc.

Its ok sometimes i do moving in both ends because customer can select which moving is better for him. But in this footage i agree there is one action but changing of direction of camera. But one question is still i have, about smoothed movement of camera. ok links which i showed is deleted by admins :slight_smile: But why footages of Power Elite Author with well-known name is accepted Ignoring shaking of camera in a shot. Tell why this footages accepted?


You’re footage is great, I just had a large batch of 100+ pieces of footage rejected and only one clip approved. While all the footage was approved on all other stock footage sites. The stock footage review team is disappointing at envato. Not only does it take 6+ months to get footage reviewed. They also reject so much footage that I’d rather not even upload to the platform anymore.


Dont try to understand the logic of rejection especially for stock footage because most important factor is that they just want to avoid heavy load on site. If you upload your file here and ask for opinion there is hundreds of people can find mistakes in your project and say this must be why its rejected. But dont be fooled by that. I can find tens of mistakes in best selling or most advanced newly approved files. Grading is just a taste and its not the subject of debate unless its weird and i see nothing weird in your footage. It is not an issue. You just better get used to it.


its true…i was uploaded five month ago a lot of footages… its near 700 footages… and they only now begin checking it )))
and aprove only two ))))
other discard.
AND very funny that this footages was aproved on others… i think… 5-6 stock-stores… ))
what happened with them ??? they everytime was such angry and crazy ??

ok…but if upload two verison of footage???

  1. without grading
  2. with grading.
    for giving choose to buyers
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yes it very unfairly!!!

can you show what was decline ??

you still uploading here ??

I’ve tried but they just rejected 95% of a new batch of uploads. Here’s a clip they rejected saying it was to unstable and jittery.

I really think the reviewers are a bit lazy and batch review. They may see one clip that deserved rejecting so they automatically reject your next 10 to save themselves time.

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