Video hive item rejected for not meeting quality standards

Hey there, I’m looking for some input regarding some rejected clips I submitted. So I have a few clips on my profile that I put up a few years ago which were accepted and were filmed with a Canon T3i. Honestly the quality is just okay, partially due to the camera but those clips were accepted and some have sold.

So I have some new footage that I uploaded FOUR months ago, and I finally get notified today that they are rejected for not meeting quality standards. There is no other specific feedback…and “quality” is a subjective word. I filmed these clips with a 5dmk3 and I see absolutely no difference between these clips and the other clips I have that were previously accepted. In fact, if anything these clips are higher quality. These same clips were accepted on pond5 and on shutterstock, so why aren’t they good enough here?

I’m feeling very frustrated and disappointed. To wait 4 months to have clips rejected and only receive limited and subjective feedback for the rejections with no real direction for future improvement. It’s kind of insulting.

You have to get use with those responses. They did rise the ‘quality standards’ for some of us, especielly those from East Europe but I saw you are from America . If you look at videohive’s stock footage most recent footage you will definetly find many banal clips approved. Some of them are really bad quality. The fact is that you have to be very lucky because there are some very few reviewers which are normal in thinking but some of those guys are just incredible wierd human being, probably because they stay too many hours on the chair rejecting items. I think
I can give you an example about what happend to me yesterday: I had 15 motion graphics backgrounds uploaded. Some of them were 4,5 days old and the other part were few hours old . I got rejected all of them in a few minutes . I think the reviewer did not bother to look at all of them.He just rejected all. The items were original and with a good quality. They rejected all with that basic feedback you received also.
My advise: Don’t upload stock footage on this website , it’s not worth it. You wait 4 months just to get rejections. A lot has changed from 3 years ago. They mock us.

Seriously. It’s a joke. To wait 4 months and then just see “sorry, your quality isn’t good enough” when I see stuff on this website that looks like it was shot with a potato…it’s super insulting. I know a 5dMk3 isn’t the greatest camera in the world but I also know it creates professional images and video. I’m so frustrated with this website right now…I think I’m just going to take my stock needs and my own content elsewhere.