Videohive's strict quality and originality standards

Hello dear,
I am new in video hive .i upload a graphic motion design but rejected my work .i have no idea about that is the fault in my wok .
this message showing to may mail -
Thanks for submitting your file, however, we are unable to accept the item for sale on the Videohive marketplace.

After reviewing the animation, we have decided that it does not meet Videohive’s strict quality and originality standards.

When reviewing files, we take into consideration the broadcast quality, usefulness for our customers and flexibility of the file. Unfortunately, this animation does not meet our criteria.

help me to find out what is happening to my project and which type of error have foundpreview%20image
this is the preview photo .In this projects i am using light wipe effects and giving some key frame in to rotation ,placement and color variation in 2 or 3 composition.
This is my project link :

If you are looking for feedback, you should show your rejected item


how can i show if i have not any link like you tube and website .how can i show my source file or video views

there is no option to attach video clip

i have so many projects similar to that can they all are useless ? i have no idea how can i fix then ?

As a rule, people upload presentation on YouTube, and attach it here

ok this is my youtube project link :

can i work with you ? i am from india .i want a big project if you want to work with me ? please gave me your whatsapp number if you trust on me

i show your portfolio whey are beautiful projects .i want work if you have any project then i will show you my best !

It sounds very tempting, but… no, thanks :wink:

but why:flushed: ? what ia the reason about this is not working ?

i am working on multiple platform like blander 3d animation ,photo shop ,illustrator ,after effects,explandio,video scribe ,word press and coding but i have no skill about marketing . i learn but its really hard .i want a teacher type friend who have me a platform to do my best .but as you wish :blush:

The single best advice anyone from a new author to power elite could possibly give you is:

That is your biggest weakness and error.

Noone (even the very best authors on the marketplaces) can be suitably proficient in so many different creatives.

You don’t need someone to teach you marketing. You need to pick one or max two and focus efforts on learning these better and refining the output.

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right bro but together we are creating more beautiful thing then alone .its time consuming too

What is it?

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background motion graphic

From my own experience, I know that if the reviewer does not accept your work, then it is weak. This is a very huge incentive steel is better, grow above yourself.
See the work of other authors, study the software and everything you can do.:+1:

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But why creativity have its limitation? I think creativity have no direction or destination .this is the flow of nature but we store it in a box and put them into limitation .

Yah I am not doing that the market demand .but I think creativity comes form experiment .

I am not steeling anyone’s project .I think this is rejected because I am not uploading it in a proper way or I think alpha channel is required for this project .but I have no idea exactly why this project canceled by videohive .please gave me some more detailed about it ?