Stock Footage Rejected - Need Insight

I uploaded 20+ stock footage clips in recent days and they are ALL being rejected, most with the following reason – “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

Here is a link to one of the clips - a steady and smooth, hi-resolution drone shot of a famous plaza in Chicago, now empty because of the pandemic “Stay Home” mandate.

And a skyline clip:

Can anyone shed light as to how these fall short of quality standards. Perhaps because I did not add a watermark to this latest batch?

Any insight is appreciated!


[link removed]

I can help you here.
I used to be a drone pilot.

I can exactly tell you why (I believe) those were rejected, it’s not quality-wise, quality is fine.

It’s the small “jitter” you know when you put your stick on the controller, sometimes it moves a microinch to the left. well, it shows in the video. And if someone wants to use your clip and you can see the increase in speed ever so slightly, it is unusable. ESPECIALLY if it needs to be sped up in post, the small little movement becomes HUGE! I know there are programs to fix it, but it’s always all the time 100% better to have it done in-camera.

Appreciate you weighing in Antole! Your idea makes sense on the 1st clip, there IS a slight hiccup. I should have started the clip after it settled to avoid that. But there is no “hitch” in the second clip, nor in the others that were rejected. Thanks again!

No chance to get approved aerials videos if you escape your finger on the stick.
It really is important to have a smooth clean motion.
You will find out the reviewers are exigent here.