Dear ENVATO reviewer team, need to TALK!

Enough! This is not fair! I have submitted 10 videos(drone shoots) and only 2(TWO) has approved! Here is one example: I think other 8 was much more batter shoot than this one. This is not fair, not fair!

Hi @Motionavigations

I’ve taken a look at the recent batch of rejected drone footage, and noticed a few major issues:

  1. Overall visual quality of the footage is borderline at best. The clips are not sharp, and much of the frame is slightly blurry, degrading the overall usefulness and utility of the clip.

  2. Beyond clarity, the colors and tone of each clip were muddy and monotone. They looked too much like raw footage, and not a fully finished product.

  3. Many of the clips appeared to have a significant amount of visual shake/jitter in the shot. When filming with a drone, keeping the shot as stable as possible is incredibly important. When the subject is not stable within the frame, the customer’s utility of the clip is significantly reduced.

Hopefully these tips help with future submissions!


Thanks for your feedback.

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