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my videos are no longer approved

Here is some of the projects that being rejected.

Hello Friend here are some things that came for my mind.
First of all if ENVATO rejects your hard work do not get frustrated. It’s not the end of the world you can submit these elsewhere. And even get sales. ( I got sales from rejected ENVATO items in other sites)

  1. Your assassin video is great. But I see that those shoes do not match his general idea or genre. It’s contradictory to the authentic look

  2. The lighting could be improved in the pizza footage. Be careful when doing food photography as the category needs clean soft light and perfect composition

  3. The rain splashes car scene I see that the viewers attention doesn’t get proper focus

  4. And the night raindrop car lights video is nice. I wish it has some slight Camera movement to enhance the experience

  5. Cement mixer video honestly I don’t see anything wrong :smiley:

  6. The vine or tea pouring video I really like the lighting you have created but I see some composition problem. Maybe essential elements are cut from frame of attention to main subject is not in focus

Don’t get me wrong all those videos are not amateur they look really pro. But ENVATO looks to build a premium database I think. Honestly you have done way more than I can even imagine

Good luck mate