Rejected... "minimum quality" goes higher and higher?..

or maybe this project is so bad and i don’t see that…

Although I believe it could be better and I could go into specifics (mainly you could have 2 angles of this so you get the 3D feel out of it), I definitely think worse quality items are being accepted. It’s really a shame that the same items get accepted over and over again, parallax slideshows and whatnot, and not creative advanced 3D projects like this.
Envato needs to realise that they’re somewhat killing creativity in some cases

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Hi St_Denis,

thanks for sharing.

Please be clear: this is not my field of expertise, therefore i would not argue on whether your work is viable to be released on videohive or not. However, i enjoyed watching it and i wanted you to know.

Best Regards


i think if i will just copy and paste (with some changes) “best selling” ideas reviewers will be glad =) like 100500 parallax slideshow.

I am kind of surprised that this doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for quality to be honest, assuming that the renders were high quality in full HD and the project was customizable in colors etc.

Except the logo blending… everything is ok. You should get at least a soft reject …

for me the final part look great. and the first part maybe not “sharp” , glossy, and high details. but its might be cause we dont see it on HD version, so its better you upload here HD ver of this preview.

p.s. about the first part, the animation looks just fine, just i mean the way its looks.

it is very good St Denis… I have learned to stay away from this genre… along with many others because of the sheer amount of work & detail it takes to equal the competition. These nuclear generated logos are scored by their richness in detail… camera angles etc. So although excellent, and well done, it is suddenly compared to others in its class… I still think it should be accepted… but now you have the opportunity to make it a little richer.
For that reason I now stay away from many genres. like Cinematic openers etc… the competition is just too rich…

Looks pretty neat tho I have a quess on why it didn’t got accepted. Maybe it’s to short?! I saw and know for a fact that envato it’s taking in consideration the quality & the quanitity sometimes…tho then again this is my personal opinion.

I’m pretty sure if you include to it 2 or 3 more effects it will get approved and will get some sales :).
In the end wish you a good day,don’t loose hopes and good luck with it in future.