Aerial drone footage was rejected - Why?

Hello, I was waiting few months for review… and now was this footage rejected, can anybody explain why?
I making this job professionaly in our country for companies…

Unfortunately your submission doesn’t meet our current minimum technical quality requirements …

Footage was shooted by DJI Phantom 3 Professional, 1920x1080 50fps. From this drone are 90% aerial scenes uploaded in videohive… In file was included original and graded footage. Lot of similar footage like this was approved in videohive.


Thanks for the explanation.

Richard Raymann

Anybody :frowning: ?

I think it’s bad quality… Fix the colors a bit, use curves, levels etc and try again to upload your items.
Play more with sun colors also, it’s too high (there is too many focus on sun, try to fix it), μy eyes burned.
I think you need to give an harmony to your videos. Good luck! ; -)

It’s too soft and the exposure is not right in my opinion,

Colored by Lumetri in Premiere … :confused:

Okey I try some movie colorgrading…

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What about this guys?

Thank you

why you delete it ???