Skydive video rejected “isn’t at the quality standard required”.

Hello there is no video like this in envato and I wonder why it got rejected, any help ?
stabilized - YouTube

This is really rare footage, any help ? I have no ideia why it did not get accepted


The video is good and uncommon category…

In my opinion, I think it is rejected because of the lighting.

The background is very nice and clear.
But the men are light from one side only. When the camera rotates, there are times the men are not visible clearly. (0:10 timecode)

I actually don’t have a good knowledge of 3D.
Did you use only 1 light to light men?
Also, I think GI is turned off, and maybe that is why the lighting seems very flat.
Sorry if I’m wrong…

Or, you can change the camera animation so that it doesn’t rotate around people… then you can avoid the dark lighted areas. (around 0:09 to 0:11)

Hope this helps
Thank you

-Thanks for your reply , actually i don’t understand part of it

This is a real video with real people, only one light on , the sun :slight_smile: the camera rotates because it is recorded with a camera on a helmet while flying in the sky

Omg… really?
I’m sorry then.

I thought It is footage but you added 3D people to that.

Hmm. Then I cannot realize why it got rejected.

yes , i have no idea either , it is a shame they don’t say the why :frowning:

Just have to say it: LOL :smiley:

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Why LOL ?

because he thought this is a 3D render. And the criticism he had shows how unrealistic the animation approaches are. “It is only lit by one side”, as if the real world had more than one sun.

Reminds me of another rejection thread where someone criticized a space scene for not having 3-point-lighting.

For your footage, I don’t have any tips, I’m sorry. I’m unsure abot the production quality, the shot is good and reasonably stabilized, I think the subjects are not kept in the frame good enough, though.

It is a hard to get footage and I think it does have value to a buyer, though.

I share the same opinion as you this is not an easy footage to get at all, but hey i guess the guys sitting in the office , choosing the videos can put a parachute in their back and do better( NOT)

it might be because the model release is missing?