Hard Rejection for Aerial Footage

Hello! I’m getting directly into the point: my videos are too often rejected by the hungarian staff! There wouldn’t be problems if my videos would not be of a good quality and I would understand that, but they have a good quality! I don’t know why they’re doing this. Nobody tells me why exactly my item is rejected. They use those basic quotes for rejection. I’ve got friends on envato that are experiencing the same thing! I mean, there is a video with a peeing sheep on this website and they keep rejecting my aerial drone’s videos. It doesn’t feel fair. I actually uploaded on youtube some of my rejected videos to show you what they’re rejecting. Please, take in consideration that youtube is compressing the quality of the video .

Another problem: I put a small mark down in the corner of the video preview, and I got hard rejection for that! It wouldn’t be a problem either if I had no video previews with my mark on it, but I have a lot.
So please, someone must do something! It’s not normal that one reviewer accepts something and others don’t! They must be all the same!

Now , I wait for some explinations .There are a lot of banal videos on envato which are approved. I think aerial videos are very interesting and wanted. Maybe I have a problem, or maybe they have one ,but please verify your review staff 'cause I’m sure I’m not the only one who report this.
Thank you for your understanding and a good day to you!

P.S. I was serious, there is a video with a peeing sheep on envato! Watch this: http://videohive.net/item/sheep-to-pee/14480993?s_rank=1

All day and I didn’t receive any reply! It looks like you are not what you used to be anymore! I’m reporting against your staff and that’s why! I appreciate you’re making your duty envato staff!

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envato team does not using forum. go to support. this is for members.

Already did that! :

"Hi Stanciu Mateut,

My name is Chris and I’ll do my best to help you out today.

I am sorry to hear that your item was not approved. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide additional feedback or advice for rejected items. We encourage you to take advantage of the many talented and helpful community members who choose to provide constructive feedback on our forums: https://forums.envato.com/"

Envato team sometimes check our posts.

hi this is what they ask u to do to come here and post so hat other guys let u know what they think about your item and what u can improve … this is not bad to hear from us all for sure … but the only problem is that despite having as many feedback as guys answering u are never sure that one is in keeping with the real reason for teh rejection indeed … however , impossible to get to know officially what went on here , this is the way things go

as for me your item are very cool and unique as for i know, despite i am also not an expert in video footage …(i just comment some sometimes from peopel i follow )

I know man! But it’s fair to tell me exactly the reason why you reject my item. In this way I can improve my editing methods and shooting style. You don’t throw me that basic reason. This is not nice! It’s so hard to write something like: noise softly edges , trepidation, jam or everything else? A few words to tell me why ! It’s all I ask!

“This is not nice! It’s so hard to write something like: noise softly edges , trepidation, jam or everything else?” - ofcourse its hard to tell while video on youtube =) we can only discuss scenario etc. - we do not see the original footage. youtube compress it.

Then if you can’t discuss, you are out of the contest. Thank you for your two cents.

Don’t worry! Load new footages.:slight_smile: