Hard Rejected, yet another site approved it AND has had multiple sales.

Hello all,

Envato is very frustrating. So far we’ve created several music tracks, submitted stock footage and 3 different After Effects templates. All hard REJECTED…

Some of the music tracks, I can understand, even 1 of the After Effects templates, but what I don’t understand is that they are rejecting files that other websites are approving AND the other websites are getting sales!

This last project that was rejected is the last we will be submitting to Videohive. Just to give you an example, here’s a project that was hard rejected (Reason is they have too many slide show projects. Even though ours was created in 4k, includes two versions, a custom iPad mockup file, a 15 minute video tutorial and is suited towards 30 second and 15 second commercials. Far different than a 3 minute long HD 40 photo slide show suited for weddings that was also rejected but APPROVED elsewhere):

We just wanted to say, if your stuff is getting rejected, it may not be you. Chances are if the project has no errors and is of decent quality, it’ll get accepted AND sell on other sites as we have found. In our first month by uploading the same content that was rejected on Videohive to another site, we made $40 US. It’s not much, but proves that our content is good enough to generate sales and that videohive is way too picky.

Best of luck,

It’s a very basic slideshow in my opinion. Although there’s nothing wrong with it, it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, and there are plenty of a much higher standard already on the site. I think the reviewer made the right decision. Sorry!

too basic for envato.
if you want to sell slideshow you must make something really impressive(!)… they will not accept simple template.
check approved templates.

if it was so simple… ))) try something better

hi guys , well @St_Denis and @SpaceStockFootage , i have not seen the concerned project yet but the thing is that this is sometimes hard for some guys to swallow that there are a good deal of products that are not any better who are accepted on regular basis , pls keep in mind the frustration that the guys are going through in such a case , whether the decision is right or not. This is true in most cases they are right but what all guys are expecting for this is true guidelines and not kind of a russian roulette and i tend to believe that reviewers are given too much work and that they are also not being confronted with well defined enough instructions so that we avoid incoherences to take place …

please also keep in mind that either there is a buying potential for rather flat items as proved here by the way and that there are not only professionals of the digital world who are buying , in other words that his work that i have just seen maybe judged as good enough for some people so that they buy it …

now for professionals i guess there is way better but that there is also worst , in some categories the level is really way lower than in some others also so we have to take this into account (i do not know at all what this is like for videos quite frankly) and analyze according to what is usually accepted or not …