Smartphone and aerial footage rejection reasons?

Dear fellow contributors,

Starting as footage contributor last summer and after bunch of easy and successful aerial and mobile (Iphone 7 plus) clip uploads and some sales I was not submiting new content.
After coming back few weeks ago with as I consider better quality and well “groomed footage”, most of it 70-80% is being rejected as “not good enough quality standard”.
It seems a lot has changed here. After bit of research, I found out that it is stated in envato footage requirements section, that mobile and action camera footage will not be accepted. “Nice” I thought, after getting new Osmo action for Christmas which could be used for stock…makes me wondering how they even know with what gear footage was shot? Newest smartphones could produce better quality content that some compact cameras, and drones all have tiny sensors. And yes I did denoise aerial footage and fix other minor things, which was not done in previous submissions. It demotivated a lot as I have lots of footage filmed and ready to go. Should I just leave it behind or someone knows through their experience what could help here? I will repeat I did it before and it was smooth…
Whats your experience, is it a recent thing new quality standard, how everyone else is doing with approval rates?
love u guys

hi, i’m not a very big specialist about the reasons for rejection, but maybe the problem could be the bitrate. Most of cheap camera can shoot on 4k but with 10mbps which is very low in comparison with profesionnal camera, or reflex camera filming aroung 50 or 100mpbs. Or if the botrate of your camera is good enough the problem could come from your export. For videohive i use a H264 codec with 100mbps bitrate.

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Thank you so much for response. I thought it could be the reason, bus as I was checking it varies mostly >50 mbps, apart from aerial footage which tends to get accepted more and its always recorded on 100 mbps, so will try to experiment and will send a message to support as they always so nice and helpful…may sound funny but is there a way to rise mbps values?.. that obviously wouldnt increase quality but may get through check ups…

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