Almost all of my submissions rejected!

This is quite disheartening. I spent almost 2 days (since the VideoHive metadata entry -page is super tedious) putting metadata into and uploading 88 stock video clips. Only about a quarter of them was accepted and I have no idea why! I’m a member of like 5 other stock video platforms and all of them accepted pretty much 90% of these clips.

The other weird thing is that a few weeks back I uploaded my first 10 stock video clips to VideHive, from the same drone that I used for many of the new clips, and all of those 10 were accepted.

And since they aren’t even giving me any reason or explanation for the rejection, how the hell am I going to know what I’ve done wrong?

Almost all of these shots were rejected: (there were no lens flares in the clips I uploaded though)

Any explanation or help would be great, thanks!