All videos are rejected. WHY?

Hey. Im new to envato but already ran into a problem. First, i didn’t have an opportunity to uplaod videos due to some unknown reason. It said only that im forbidden.

After about a week or two i managed to open an upload page. I did nothing to make it happen. Magic.

At the beginning envato said a have a limit of 3 submissions in a week. Weird but ok. I did my 3 submissions. They accepted them.

And since those days they are rejecting all my videos with a comment about a bad quality or so. All other stocks accept my videos without any problem. And after my items have been rejected they just disappeared. No page where i can find rejected items, no comments why and no possibility to fix my files.

hello @Dottalesstudio

Please upload your preview demo video because we can help u thank you so much.

Here are some snapshots. No doubt my videos are clean and steady and have no trademarks. As i said before, no problems with other stocks like shutterstock, pond and adobe. Envato rejected about 20 files so far, there is no point for me to discuss every one you see. And i still dont understand why there is no such menu for rejected files or any other navigation on the site.


Maybe you have problem other author (copyright) shutterstock for so was hard rejected or if you have account of shutterstock than you can change option exclusive (earning 50% money) to non-exclusive (earning 30% money) for you can submit more video for approved regards.

i always have non-exclusive accs on every stock

but you are author in shutterstock also same account that videohive?

These are different stocks dont they? I have both accs on shutterstock and videohive, not the same one

if you are account different name of shutterstock and videohive will to be hard rejected because problem copyright.

sorry didn’t catch what you mean

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for example:

you account of shutterstock is “dotta” and you account of videohive is “dottalesstudio” will to be hard rejected because problem copyright but you need same account of shutterstock and videohive is “dottalesstudio” will to be approved.

do u understand me?

P.s: sorry my bad english because I not speak english 100%.

JeriTeam, please stop misleading people. You write complete nonsense. Where did you get this false information?

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I have never deceived people, you are wrong but I do not write very well in English because I do not speak English, please leave me alone, thank you.

you do it right now


you can start using google translator

please stop writing about things you don’t understand.
Thank You!

sorry, I say you that was a example but don’t original

Please, start using google translator

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if I’m going to do … thanks.

I hardly believe that there is something to do with the name of my shutterstock acc…

Just a few thoughts…

  1. It’s hard to offer critiques from still images. If you’re seriously looking for feedback and not just here to vent your frustrations, you’ll need to provide links to your clips.

  2. Shot framing and composition is just as important as visual quality. Based on the still images you provided, it appears the framing isn’t executed very well.

  3. Subject matter is incredibly important. Random shots of a man looking at a mobile device in the woods, or awkwardly framed shots of a boat, may not appeal to a wide range of customers. The most important thing any author can do is create content that others are willing to spend money to purchase.

  4. The colorization of the footage looks raw and unfinished. Providing a finished product with proper color correction is always advised.


I agree with MotionRevolver. Not enough post-correction. The screenshot shows that the video is cloudy, grayish and with a green tinge. As if the camera settings were set incorrectly.
But perhaps this is not the only problem. It’s hard to say seeing only the screenshots.

I left LOG color in case person would like to colorize it by himself