Why Im very frustrated to contribute to videohive

I hesitate to write these but after the last rejection, I think I want to say some words.

I’m very annoyed with the review-service and the guidelines. The review position at the rejecting files aren’t at the most of time understandable. They are not looking for broadcast quality, usefulness
for their customers and flexibility of the file, they just acting subjectively and depending on the daily mood. Otherwise I can’t understand if a clip of a series were accepted and the another not (same

The last rejecting (animation of pumpkins sitting on a sofa at the living room and watching tv) was an the same way of reviewing. Just an action of personal feeling of the reviewer. Otherwise their
review of “strict lines” aren’t comprehensible if for example a normal clip of clouds going to be accepted and my creative and individual animation of 3d which took me 1 week to render it, were rejected
without a reasonable cause.

I offer my video works also on other stock agencies like shutterstock and fotolia as well, but I have big rejecting problems only here. It doesn’t make sense and its wasting time when 90% of your submitted
files going to be rejected, and this happens only here. Furthermore you must wait for more than a month to get their unprofessional reviewing and their rejected mails

If you don’t want a lot of contributors, only contributors who meet your strange reuqirements, then would make sense if you make at the beginning a test with 10 files like shutterstock where you can just refuse a lot of contributors
who aren’t good enough for you.

I’m very disappointed and my motivation to submit new files to you is at the moment zero.


Definitely can agree with your experience there @BrillianceEye

I do find the rejection strange on files that show obvious usefulness to buyers. It is also very hard to know exactly what a buyer is looking for so there should be some flexibility around submissions.

I’m not sure how it looks from the reviewers side of the table, perhaps they see a large number of the same kinds of submissions.