VIDEOHIVE REVIEWERS, PLEASE ANSWER why this one was rejected?

I am really upset and don’t understand why this one was rejected? What’s wrong with it?

Can u imagine how much time we spend on this, and we’ve been waiting for 11 days for what? To see that we have HARD REJECT? Why? Someone answer us.

I think the quality is not the issue here, animation and design is awesome. Maybe they rejected on the basis of usability(where the customer can use this).

Then i can show them lots of animation on videohive, with the same problem, but reviewers approved those items. Thank you for comment :slight_smile:

Videohive reviewers will not answer here. It is forbidden to them. I agree with santoshw7885. Reasons seems to be in usability. But looks nice)

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Thank you for comment

@MadGogal First of all, beautiful work! It’s a really engaging concept and the music works perfectly with it.

I took a look at the note the reviewer sent to you in the rejection (I won’t repost it here out of respect for you and the reviewer) but I think you should take a look at it and analyze it some more. There’s some great feedback in there for you. Essentially, there is a difference between art and usability and purpose where microstock content is concerned. Always keep in mind before you even start a project what customers need and want and why they would desire your content. In my personal opinion, the work here you’ve shared is imaginative and well executed, but it’s artistic but not suitable for stock in its present manifestation.

It’s possible that you could develop the concept here further and make it more usable. Think about using the concept for a logo reveal or maybe a niche project that’s suited to zoos, aquariums, relaxing spas, wildlife, travel, cruises, or even animal protection. Add more variations and other animals into the mix etc…

You could however also decide that it’s just a creative artistic project that might be better to use as material for your portfolio, showreel, or you could use it on YouTube to help promote and market the content that you do have on VideoHive. It’s up to you where you take it.

In the immortal words of Fun Boy 3 and Bananarama however…

“It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it… and that’s what gets results.”

It’s important not to take rejection personally - it’s not a criticism of the quality of your work or your talents, you quite clearly have skills. It’s more to do with applicability for the library and usability and relevancy for the customer. Think like a customer first and foremost, and then apply your creativity and talent to the project at hand, never the other way around. Good luck! There’s definitely something engaging and magical in the concept you’ve created here.


Thank you for your comment. Yeah, sure, i shouldn’t take rejection personally, but for the last several month, i have several rejections, with the same hard reject message. It makes me upset, when i see useless, as i think, animation here on videohive, and then i get reject after reject…
I think i will use it for my portfolio. Thank you for your “Zoo logo” idea! :slight_smile:

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We can only guess what’s the reason, because the quality is unlikely to be the issue.
I think the argument about usability is not “good”. There are thousands of stock files without sales, there are no many files like yours, so assuming that nobody will need it is ignorant(thinking that you can predict if something different and good will not be needed).

Though, if reviewers have standards of what they approve on vh, no matter has it potential customers or not, is a different matter.

"There are thousands of stock files without sales, there are no many files like yours, so assuming that nobody will need it is ignorant"
Totally agree with you

I could buy this one for thousands of reasons. It looks fantastic and have a lot more usability than half of the mographs accepted in videohive.

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I ve been around long time to know reviewers and how they act. This sentence “It’s important not to take rejection personally” this is an automatic message. It is a template for reviewers to use when they criticized. Dont believe it. Believe that most of the time its totally personal. But not about you it is about some reviewers. If they are in good mood its accepted. If they had a fight with girlfriend or they spill thier coffee to desk you re rejected. That’s all. There is zero, a big total zero consistency in reviews.

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Who knows if You or I need something like this in a near future?
In fact, I’ve seen thousands of similar styles or jobs, and that’s something that would be worth discarding …

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Well it’s really sad, that reviewers think “no, i have no clue where customers can use it” and reject the item

Hey, remember that we don’t know if that’s the reason.