[VideoHive] Envato Review Times



Got in touch with the Customer Care from Envato a couple of days ago, beside the usual answear found out 2 new things:
The days listed for review times are WORKING DAYS ONLY. So, basically thouse 106 waiting days are not really 106 days, but 148 days! (if my match is correct :smiley: )
Another thing, the elite authors are receive perks as they unlock achievements in the marketplace. This means they got faster review times, this is an official Envato rule ( http://elite.envato.com/# ), so Pressmaster is getting a lot of item aproved every month, what from the business point of view somehow makes sense.

@SimpleStock I am with you my brother in the fight with Envato to get some offcial answear and decrease the review time but I really don`t think we are going to achieve anything :frowning:


Ok I am Elite, but my footages still 3+ months in review… would be great to have reduced review time for Elites or some kind of priority… :frowning:


I meant Power Elite :slight_smile: The one that sold more than 1 mil $ sold on marketplace


Wow StockHunter… I too had my last batch of Stock Footage take 2 Months for Approval… Atleast it seems to be consistent across the board… But I would have thought Top Sellers like you would have got Priority for your submissions being that you generate a lot of income for Envato, but it looks like they don’t really care about the Stock Footage section of their sales as much as they do their AFter Effects Projects. There has to be a better way to speed this up?


3 Months in Review??? That is just ridiculous! And you are a TOP SELLER! How can you plan so far in advance, especially for Seasonal Stock footage, like Christmas or other Holidays? For example, if people need Winter Stock Footage they can’t get anything current because whatever you take this year will be outdated by the time it gets approved…


3 month? Guys i wait for 4.5 month and 95% of rejects.
And look at this my topic. Good footage hard reject why?
This is my analytics about curators unfair review process. I am dont understand anything what happen on the other side of stage


Few weeks ago i created Non Exclusive account in addition . So will work now with 3-4 stock platforms more. Because its very hard to motivate yourself when you don’t see results soon. Half a year waiting not for me.


I think video hive is not interesting for Envato like business anymore! They more interested of After Effects progects more than video footages


Etiketi ekledim ve konuyu yeniden adlandırdım.Hazır filmler için 115. gündeyim ve hala bekliyorum.


It has been over 4 MONTHS and I am still waiting for 4 of my videos to get reviewed. Not sure how anyone can be expected to make money if your videos can’t be put up for sell! VERY FRUSTRATED!!!


Queued for Review. Submitted 1 month ago.
What is wrong?


I just wanted to give everyone a heads up, today I finally got some clips reviewed and approved. It took 4 months. It is at least good to know it they are still reviewing clips, although it is incredibly slow at the moment. My approval percentage was about 50%, which is pretty normal for my average submissions.


21 days for stock footage, still waiting ))))


@kubilayulukavak yes and you have 100 days more to go… check this out: http://quality.market.envato.com/videohive


Finally after 4 months and 3 weeks later my clips are starting to be reviewed! The only good thing about all this waiting is that I had to learn some motion graphics and they are working way better than stock footage! Why do I always discover new things years later?! haha


good bye envato…

i waited four months for 4 files which were hard rejected, the guy who review them only reply in the email that the footage didnt have the quality standards requiered by envato and that i needed a release form for each and every person visible in the timlapses, eventhough its a crowd and theres not a single face that is recognizable…

on the other hand, i uploaded the exact same files to (another site) and in 12 days, booom they were aproved.


I think they’ll make some changes after more authors do this, but it will be to late then…


AE project, 8 days and still waiting…


AE project, 9 days and still waiting (


AE project, 10 days and still waiting (