About random decisions of reviewers.

Ok, Now the situation is very strange. One project uploaded on the same day for different programs (After Effects Template, Premiere Pro Template). For Premiere Pro i got approved, For After Effects i got rejected. This is unprofessional on the part of the reviewers and I can’t even complain about it, can only complain on the forum. Disgrace :rage:

The After Effects category is much more saturated than the Premiere Pro category. This can be a significant reason. Also, each of these categories has its own specifics. I’m always surprised when I see threads like this. Why are people always worried that one of their items is not approved as another, and at the same time not grateful that one of their items could be approved as an indulgence, despite the fact that it may not be of sufficient quality :man_shrugging: :man_facepalming:


Well, because it looks like double standards. If the project is not suitable due to the oversaturation of the market, then it would be nice to indicate exactly this in the reasons of the rejected and not refer to the standard phrase that the project is not suitable in terms of quality.

There are a lot of threads on this topic on the forum, and I don’t want to repeat for the 1000th time why the review team is not obliged and does not have the right to write the reason for rejection. Yes, this is my personal opinion, but I am quite sure that indicating the reason for rejection is: “fake hope” after which repeated rejection of a weak item will be perceived as disrespect; a waste of time for authors who are not ready for this market and a waste of time for other authors who are waiting in line. This is a business, and the market needs only quality items. Envato is not an institute or a college that should teach you. Envato is not obliged to write down your errors. We all had to be trained before the market came. I see that you are not a newbie and have a lot of sales, but the rules of the market are the same for everyone. If you really want to know the reason for the rejection, you can share a video preview of your rejected item and other forum members will tell you what the reason for the rejection could be

sorry. I wrote here not to find out the reason for the rejected. I just want to understand why there is no single quality standard on one site. that is, envato, as it were, decided that the projects for the premiere pro should not be of the same quality as the projects for the after effects. I find it strange to say the least.