3 Years Anniversary Of Hard RejectionsOn Grap hic


Hello everyone! None of my drawings were accepted here for 3 bloody years while it selling more or less on other stocks. No reasons of rejection were ever mentioned, Bad keywords, wrong image sizes? Is Graphicriver pretending to be a London National Gallery? Sick of it, to be honest, and about to delete my account. Sorry for being so straightforward, mates


hi, i quite understand your frustration as regard to what u are saying, however , i really doubt that closing an account is the way anyway. u also have to keep in mind that hard rejections basically mean no feedback , this is the way it is here whether u like it or not. This does not mean this fair to whatever but u cannot change it , if u wanna go forward u can come up here and ask other guys we are numerous to try to give a feedback and potentially help other guys with their rejection or quality issues. By doing so u will also try to take your game to the next level, quitting is just quitting , ok u may get some money from other places but u cannot make it here and this is kind of problem indeed. Let s also face it if there are so much issues here about quality and so on this is also because there are lors of authors and items and that a selection is required , they are not here to unreal the red carpet to authors but make money out selling our stuffs so do not expect any help but from other guys who try to help. On the other hand, nothing different with what i going on elsewhere for this …


@n2n44 You are, maybe, right for 50%. No point of deleting account, but to keep it for 3 years also has no point though. A truth is somwhere in between, I guess. I checked portfolios of some members, there are some outstanding artworks, some are very average. I`ll better concentrate on stock I uesd to work with and avoid uploading here as it is just a waste of my and Quality Team time.
And keep painting in oil/canvas as it was always not badly paid. BTW spring is coming and I am full of new ideas. Thank you for r youkind response.


can you show us some of the rejected items?


My pleasure, @Kipet All images listed below were rejected http://www.shutterstock.com/portfolio/search.mhtml?searchterm=&x=5&y=4&media_type=vectors&horizontal=on&vertical=on&search_cat=&searchtermx=&people_gender=&people_age=&people_ethnicity=&people_number=&color=&lang=ru&search_source=search_form&version=llv1&anyorall=all&safesearch=1&submitter=1416322&photographer_name=victorass&search_group=&orient=&commercial_ok=&show_color_wheel=1&sort_method=popular


Really nice work, maybe too artistic for Gr categories? I think its a shame for market more than for you :slightly_smiling:


Yeah, they seem more like pieces of art for me, than commercially viable vector assets. You’re obviously very talented though.


u know what i think that @SoulDesign is right this is just that your style and GR target are kind of not compatible, u see which means that u have a base of people who really like your item and this proves that what u are doing is good , it is just that here , u have two main categories , those who come to buy some elements for their projects and the other ones who look for a template to use in keeping with their business and i assume that your style that u showed here is here not really connecting well with these two groups but please contact me i may have something interesting for u if u feel like it …


Just get used to shady criterias.
Fun fact from VideoHive side.
I can spend weeks on a project that gets rejected. Over and over again. Then when I install new software and make veeeery average stuff while simply playing around with new tool and upload it - guess what? It gets accepted and sells pretty well!
So I start making projects of similar style, but putting much more effort into them and guess what? 3 rejections in a row. The hell?
I’m beyond confused at this point, but the more I face this, the less I care. At this point I have 2 attitudes: “accepted? cool.” and “rejected? drag in “for demo reel” folder”.


Awesome work, I really can’t understand why they got rejected…


Me too. Poorly composed, open paths left, poor execution, no commercial value? If I only knew.


victorass88@gmail.com feel free to contact me and thank you for kind support at the very moment of misery lol


do not think too much u have nothing like this buddy , only an incompatibility of the product that u offer with the style that GR is expecting , here is not the best place for you to sell your stuff, period , u have much of an artistic style and thus u should fins a place in keeping with what u have it sell and maybe u will do much better than u would do here anyway :slight_smile:


just a matter of style and supposed expectations of what the customer base is looking for here , this is all


I agree. These are drawings not vector assets. Nice work !


Few days earlier I got my Anniversary on WordPress Blog section. 10 Hard Rejects and 5 Soft with reason like “overall quality”. Of course I delete this soft rejected items because what can I fix … and also on other markets people buy them. I make theme for TF - they reject it and I sell it elsewhere…

But 3 years WoW … Xanax is enough after first year ? :smiley:

Happy Anniversary!!! :slight_smile:


Lol this made my day once again, just later I have realised its you again! :sweat_smile:


hehe what … after 10th reject I start take Xanax ,really :smiley: in other way I will throw my laptop by window :smiley:


Nooo thats crazy! :anguished:
So we have new Envato Rejection diagnosis :smiley:


I just get a look on your portfolio about hour ago thinking “funny guy, lets have a look what he do” and nothing there, I was thinking “why he doesnt sell his work, strange…” So now I understand :grimacing: