Author Content & Licence Agreement

Hello guys and Envato members,

After a month I came back to the Market, and also I was familiar with the new TAX stuff. Anyway I filled out the form provided by Envato in my settings, but didn’t fill in my TAX ID. I don’t have it and I don’t want to do anything about that.
Anyway, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time here, so I need some answers about my content on the market.
I collected 5 items and I want my Exclusiveness removed, am I eligible to upload my content from Envato to other marketplace? Or if I delete my content from Evanto (GraphicRiver), what would happen to my costumers that I sold my content to, even if I delete items I’m willing to provide the support to clients who purchase any of my items.

Main reason is TAX, I don’t want to work just to pay taxes and stuff. I can earn more if I just sell a design one time, or even try to upload my work to another or multiple markets. I want to hear your visions, tips and anything that is related to my “problem”.

Best regards.

If I were you, I would keep my items on Graphicriver but would revoke my exclusivity with Envato, so I could upload my items wherever I want without breaking Envato’s rules, therefore I could make a few extra dollars without doing anything as there is no mandatory support on Graphicriver items.

Thanks for you reply, think I’m gonna keep the items but I will revoke my exclusivity.

Keep in mind that the tax will hit you harder as a non-exclusive (as it is calculated on the item price, regardless of your author fee rate).

Yeah, I know :frowning:
But still is, this thing that I play more for fees and taxes, and some small part is my profit. Gonna try other marketplaces for additional income.

Thanks :slight_smile:

hi, if u remove your items and do not close your account, in any case, your customers would be able to join u in case they need , so i do not really identify what the problem is … u also cannot complain to fail to earn enough if u do not want to compete the W8 thing … i know that’s fastidious all these paperworks that’s we have been introduced with but this is synonymous with a whole lot of money wasted if u don’t do , that may generate motivation enough for you to to through the process in my view

Thanks for the reply.

I haven’t complain about anything, just something like a point of view, just not satisfied with it, nothing more.
Sure, I’m gonna keep the exclusivity but will do some job for like lite versions of design for Envato and some different big project for another markets, just to expand additional income.

i identify and the way u call things is not changing anything too much in the end, in addition … the fact of the matter is that u don’t make that much money and make less of it out of not fulfilling … as for the way u make things evolve, that’s up to u … we are all conscious of the hard work that we have to bring to the table for this marketplace and that this is hard for guys to get money that much so that authors feel like they are having a rentable time , so that’s up to all guys individually to get to know what’s acceptable for them or not and act accordingly indeed

I totally agree with you, had no complaints about Envato or/and earnings on this marketplace. Just wanted to expand my horizons, upload my designs on multiple sites, etc…

Also, if it’s possible to do something like taking a big project of 150+ screens and split it for like 50 screens and upload those 50 screens on GR, let’s call it lite version, but full project of 150+ screens upload somewhere else or on my personal page with different prices?