First Item on Evanto , and i have just 3 sales for it :>

Hi there !
This is the first time i upload item for sale , and i have got 3 sales for it, Im so happy about it :>

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But my net profit has just 5$

And i see "US Backup Withholding Tax " on statement tab, How can i reduce this fee ? :< ,
Im a NON - author in US .Thanks you !

Good works :smiley: luck for your sales more :wink:

I forgot, Congrats!!!

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Thanks you !, and did you know about US backup Withholding tax ? :<

Here you go…

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hi congrats , happy that u made some sales and get started , well for the tax withholding , u cannot do anything if u already have fulfilled the w8 section , purchases from US citizens or companies lead mean that u are taken a fee from your sale …