I'm so freaking frustrated!

Hey guys, I’m so fed-up to see my earnings right now displaying this:

My funds Earnings Tax Withheld Fees
$25.05 + $93.0 - $16.80 - $51.15

As you can see, from 93 I get 25. I’m just so tired to see this greed. We are working our ass off and Envato retain more than 60% of OUR work. How is that fair when all the other markets DO NOT practice the greedy non-exclusive agreement and reward their creatives with 70%?

More and more I wonder if I’m gonna boycott Graphicriver against their greed until they finally come back to reason and align themselves with the competition.

I’m also a seller on Envato Elements. I’m glad for this opportunity because there is no more exclusive agreement and they reward us with 50% which makes more sense given the competition.

So GR team, are we going to finally kill this stupid exclusive/non-exclusive agreement?

And sorry for this message, but month after month I’m seriously pissed-off to feed you and get the crumbs. I’m sure you will understand and I hope it will change soon.

Thanks for reading anyways.

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Why are you paying tax if you’re from France? You’d be getting about 67% more if you complete the W8 form with a foreign tax ID number. That should ease your frustration, at least slightly.

As for the greed bit… the taxes go to the US Government, not Envato.

Thanks @SpaceStockFootage for your answer.

I’m a non-exclusive seller. I changed the agreement like 2 months ago and I don’t regret it because now I’m on other marketplaces. The taxes I shared on my first message equal 16.80, which would be none if I completed the W8 form. So I would get 18% more: the additional 16.80$.

So I’m not sure how you get to the 67%?

Well you’d get about $41 rather than $25… so that’s about 67% more. But I get what you’re saying… depends on how you calculate it.

France does not provide Tax ID numbers. French authors need to get an ITIN from IRS. Which is sometimes too complicated to obtain.

Ah right, yes I remember there being some complications with numbers for French authors. But still… if the form is filled in and the relevant numbers are provided, then you should be all good! Even if it is on the difficult side.

It’s not impossible to get indeed, just troublesome.

Yes it depends on how you look at numbers. I was calculating in regard of my total earning which are 93$, so getting 41$ would be 44% of the total earning, which is far from the 70% I’m getting from others.

Being an author on Elements, we’re told that we would get more income from different customers without interfering with our existing business on GR. I long to see that. Any team member from GR could tell us if they plan to remove the exclusive agreement so that we can enjoy at least 50%?

Apparently I’m not the only one complaining about Envato behavior:

Even if it’s an old thread, it is still very true.

At least of 3 years you make only 30 items with major sales too and you sell on anothers marketplaces, what do you want ? To be paid very good for 30 items with an work of 2 weeks in 2 years ?
Are authors who make 4 - 5 items/day and with 500 - 1000 + items and no one tell something only authors who want only money but no more work !

50% of $25 that will be shared with many other authors.

@dpgraphic: So, you say I have major sales? Usually it means major income too right? Wrong! I make 6 times more with other marketplaces. You would know if you dared to change you exclusive non-sense agreement with Envato for a non-exclusive one and started to look around for yourself and earn more with the work you already made! Then you would understand why I’m so pissed. But hey, if you think they are fair to you by giving you 50% and making sure you’re exclusive so your bottom belong to them, then what the heck, enjoy but I think you worth 20% more with no exclusivity because without you, there is no market place, not the other way around.
I checked your portfolio and I have to say that you are really talented. The flyer category is so crowded, you should seriously consider doing something else with your skills in a category where you have space and the competition is less agressive. You can easily double your income if you find the right category for you.

@devotchkah: How dare you say that with your sales? Exchange your place with others less successful and let’s see how you handle your own comment.

Lastly, as I previously stated I’m thankful to have been chosen for Elements but once it’s up and running full force, well, we’ll see if you guys won’t be pissed at GR. To be continued…

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Just check your portofolio, last date i don’t see you make portofolios, stationary etc. For this it’s make time and lot of work. Now i understand this with countries… I’m sorry for what i say, i say this because i’m happy enought with my 140$ - 200$ monthly because in my country this is a salary and cuz i’m in highschool it’s too good but if i compare the standard of living this money you make not help you too much… And now i understand why you are piss of ! Sorry too…

I’m just stating that although 50% seems better for a non-exclusive author, you will share your earnings with so many people that you’ll end up selling your items for pennies. You’re frustraded with your non-exclusive earnings, but I’m afraid our Elements earnings will be even worse.

Let’s just ignore item points for a moment, and assume every item weights the same: User decides to download one item per day, and one of yours is among those, so that’s $25 / 30, leaving you with 83 cents. How many buyers will actually pay every month and only download items when / if needed, compared to heavy users who will download as much as they can, and avoid paying $50 next month? I, for example, have a folder full of free unsplash images, to use in my future projects. Most of them will never be used, but they are here sitting on my computer nonetheless.

But if you had to register what you were going to do with each of those images… would you have so many of them?

No worries man, I’m sorry too to have been harsh on you. My whole point for you was to try other marketplaces, trust me you will be surprised. But for that you need to take the risk to change your agreement with GR.

Ok I now realize you were talking about Elements. There are so many possible scenarios and it all depends on what is the profile of the majority 80% of subscribers. If they are indeed studios, agencies, design corp., etc as Envato claims, then everything should be fine for us but there is no doubt in my mind that GR will suffer from it. These companies are not going to continu buying on GR, we’re not idiots. Another screwed up situation is similar to the one you mentioned. If I’m in need for flyers, I subscribe for one month and download as many as I can which makes me save a lot of bucks. We’ll see what the outcome is with EE but if the majority is bad behavior from subscribers, they will have to stop EE. I just realized that we might see our design much more often and everywhere on the net, not to mention for free. As we already know, in a so good opportunity like this, it’s always a tiny minority that makes a huge mess: pirates, free downloads, etc. So if I am pissed at GR because of the non-exclusive non-sense agreement, I’m now even more worried about what EE is going to do in the world of premium templates. But we are off-topic here

You don’t need to register on Unsplash. On their site they specifically say that you can do whatever you want with the photos.

Yeah, that’s what I’m saying… you’re saying that you have a bunch of unused Unsplash images that you’ve never used, and might never… and that kind of thing might happen with Elements. People downloading any old stuff left, right and centre. But you need to register your usage of Element items… so I’m saying that if they had the same requirement on Unsplash, would you have so many images just sat on your computer?

I’m not sure if this is where this conversation is going, but if it’s an argument over how much of a cut Envato gets, it’s not really any different than other sites out there.

Some sites will give you more of a cut but have a smaller audience. It’s the same mentality as it is when you sign with a major label - a much bigger audience, but a smaller cut of the profits. But it’s the better option than getting 100% of a tiny audience (unless you have a niche market that’s willing to pay for it… then go for it!)

guys, guys, guys!

All I’m saying here is to replace the exclusive agreement to a unique non-exclusive agreement that offers at least 50% and keeps the model of rewarding more as sales are growing. I’m sure many sellers will come back. I also forgot to mention the review process which Envato is the only one to bother with. If they used a better algorythm, the garbage designs would never come up in search result and put at the very end. I mean come on, am I the only one being aware of their major competitor here? @Coresound do your research and you’ll see they’re nowhere near small. But you know what, if you guys are happy with your reward on GR, then I give up, enjoy! We’ll talk in 6 month when EE will be fully running.

No review process? I shudder to think of what the site would look like if that was implemented.

The site would be flooded with some pretty rubbish items. Especially Codecanyon and Themeforest stuff… if nobody’s double checking the quality of items then something like 75% of sales would end in a refund request. Buyers would lose faith in the marketplace, stop buying stuff, tell their friends why they’ve stopped buying stuff and sales would crash in a big way.

But at least you’d be getting 50% I suppose!

Hum let’s see who is not using reviewing process: Envato Elements and all the others, especially the biggest competitor of GR I will not advertise here that only promote premium quality thanks to a highly efficient algorithm that takes care of 90% of the garbage. As a result my best sellers are always on the first page because my buyers are satisfied and rate well. But I guess no review, means firing the team. So now they are stuck with this model that is not going to be sustainable. Let’s give it 6 month and we’ll see if GR authors start to complain about their sales. As I said I’m an author on Elements and I’m complaining for all of you. GR gave me the burning passion for what I’m doing and as everything evolve around, it has not. I just don’t get why you are arguing with my claims and not seeing that the future of GR authors might be compromised due to an in-house competitor EE and a GR that’s getting old fast with no change in the reward %. Let’s talk about that: do you like the way GR value their creatives? Is it fair knowing that in this decade a lot as change in marketplaces since the starting of Envato?

If reviewing items was detrimental to the success of the marketplace then I’m sure they’d do away with the review process, nothing’s set in stone. But I can’t see any massive benefit of not reviewing items, and I can see more downsides to it.

As for why I’m arguing your claims, I think it’s important to look at everything from both sides of the coin. You’re saying that Elements could be bad and not reviewing stuff could be good. I’m saying that Elements might not be bad and not reviewing stuff would probably be bad. There’s no right or wrong yet, as Elements hasn’t been going long enough to know and stuff is being reviewed… they’d have to do away with reviews for us to know if it would be a bad thing or not. So I guess I could say…

“I just don’t get why you are arguing with my claims and not seeing that the future of GR authors might not be compromised.”

Do I like the way GR values their creatives? Well they provide a platform for people to sell their work that brings in a lot of traffic. That’s value enough for me. I’m assuming you’re just on about the 36%. It’s not the best of percentages, but that’s just the way it is. We can go elsewhere or we can start petitions or discussions, but it;s up to Envato at the end of the day. I mean, it did start at 25% if I remember correctly, and has increased at least a couple of times, so never say never that it might go up again at some point.

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