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Hi there,
Thanks for reading me. Someone send me a message last night. He want to buy my all of GraphicrRiver items directly from me… I just want to know is it legal or illegal to sell my own item outside of envato?

Thanks again for your time
Have a nice day!

Mohammad Alamin
Veja Kak Studio

You are an exclusive author so absolutely not. This would be in breach of your author terms with envato.

Simply tell them to buy via your Graphicriver account as this is the only place where you are able to sell these files.

For what it’s worth given that request:

  1. It sounds like he just wants to pay less by bulk buying which is detrimental to both you and envato

  2. I would be very suspicious as to what they plan to do/how they plan to use so many items from one purchase

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Ok, I understand. Thanks for your great information… Then I’ll tell him to buy from my GraphicRiver portfolio. Thanks again… :slight_smile: