Depressing sales behavior!

I am really depressed! Make music today is very bad idea, I think! Could somebody help me to understand what to improve in my items please? or perhaps suggest another place to sell my mediocre productions?
I have studied envato behavior very, very well for a year! their administration platform seem to have the option to classify internally the authors as: regular, good, and PRO.
That is the reason many authors have 700 tracks and only 900 sales, another have just 40 tracks and more than 40,000 sales.
Really this last author does not have better quality in my opinion, but definitely he has better categorie inside Envato internal criteria.

I’ve been amazed for the excellent quality of many new authors, but they have one or two sales per track… That mean that they have expended 40 or 50 working hours to produce each track, for a profit of USD$ 19 = aprox 0.50 cents per hour of work.

That does not happen to authors that have a better criteria, inside Envato platform! Does not worry if their last tracks are regular, good, of similar to rest of anothers! the reality is that they always have hundreds of sales per track.

Are really their tracks better???
Did you listened the last tracks of some Elite authors???

Another external factor is the new fortune 500 company who are giving away free tracks per a little annual fee.

That is crazy!

Whats Next?

I apologize for my bad english


Well, some of your points are right. And I totally understand your feelings.
But I think, the thing with bestsellers is that in half of times they just work for their purpose. I’ve listened to many of them, and some sounds crappy, yes. But for media purposes they’re fitting very well. It’s a lot of quality music out there, but in lot of times it’s just cool music, but it’s not working. I’m not defending anybody (and in general of course Envato makes some of authors successful), but my opinion is - in most cases it’s fair.
And notice, that many of bestsellers are here for 5-6 years (!). And you can imagine, at that time there were not a lot of tracks on AJ :slight_smile:
And I’m not AJ superstar, but I think, that anyone can be successful here, even tho no doubt, that it’s hard.

p.s. sorry, but I think, that it’ll be better to delete the link from here. it’s just a bad idea to put it here at Envato forum.

hi , i personally believe that u are wrong … the problem with many places like these marketplaces is that they most importantly have to do with promoting and marketing rather than pure talent or real quality … sadly enough this is a mass / volume system that we have to deal with and unless u upload everyday wit the number of items and authors u have almost no chance at all to get noticed and to sell a bit …

Hi n2n44 thanks for your kind answer! I understand and respect your opinion… :slight smile:

Regarding quality, yes! I mentioned before that here are many new Authors in audiojungle that are producing excellent items, the only bad news is that they have one or two sales per track. Will pay this, their long time of work?
Also I am very disappointed with latin production here. Who is the reviewer for latin styles?? Frankly the 75% of latin tracks here seem be produced by children of 4 years old.