11000 Sales, Slow but ok


We got our 11000 sale today, We would like to thank all our customers and team behind it. We have worked hard and will do the same in future.

Obviously it’s slow and after ADP (author driven pricing) its getting worse(almost 40%) but I hope we can get some speed after the New year. It’s a long journey so far and I wanted to stick to the market but as like other authors, I’m also struggling with number of sales/earnings



Congrats :slight_smile:

Congrats! :+1::slight_smile:

Congratulations! :+1:

Congratulations! :+1: Cool !!!

Great number and great achievement! Our congratulations, @Jthemes!

Congrats! :tada:

Congratulations @Jthemes :tada: your themes are great :wink:

It’s very cool, @Jthemes! My sincere congratulations!

Congrats! @Jthemes :tada:

Thank you all for your warm wishes :slight_smile:

It sound great brother. Congratulation.

Congrats man!) Slow but ok!)

Congrats mate :+1:

Congrats! Great job!


congrats bro!!!

Congrats :racehorse: :slight_smile:

Thank you to all :slight_smile:

Congratulation! 11k is a huge achievement. We are trying our best to catch you! :slight_smile:

Thank you, We need to speed up :slight_smile:

Good luck