yeaaaah! 400 sales!!! thank you Envato and all people who works in it!

400 sales and 88 tracks. i think, not bad. i need quality, quality and quality. “went to work”. I wish to all authors real inspiring and many many sales!!!


very inspiring mate! How long have you been at it on these type of tracks?

Half year… or some longer.

Well done, keep it up, @virto!


Congratulations. I only want wish more success with sales and to make more works :wink:

Not bad for just 6 months.

That’s actually great ! Congratulations !

Congratulation @virto :tada: Good luck for more :slight_smile:

400 sales wow!!! Congratulations! I’m impressed

Thats amazing, congrats @virto !! :slight_smile:

when you achieve 500,.,. let’s to celebrate with some beers! :smiley: