Happy Birthday Envato! And Best wishes to the Authors and Customers 🎂

Happy 13th Birthday Envato!

Thanks for letting us be part of this place and changing our lives. :beers:
Definitely a wild ride for me, so I personally wanna thank everyone involved for making this possible :birthday: :partying_face:


August 21-22 has not yet come. :slightly_smiling_face:
But since we started, then congratulate Envato on his birthday and wish everyone good luck! :birthday:
Thank Envato for the great opportunity to work and earn money here! Hooray! :boom::sparkles::tada::confetti_ball:

Congrats, Envato!
Best wishes and many thanks for all you’ve done for me!


ouch, I saw the banner and thought it was yesterday :man_facepalming: should have checked that out.

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Congratulations and thank.
I congratulate all colleagues and employees Envato.
With all my heart and prosperity. Regards Denis154

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I think that’s all right. :wink:

lol u have done probably even more for them … not to mention that the fees taken here amount to saying that u highly contribute to pay all the services that they offer …

In my case, I’ve been a freelancer all my life and never reached the stability I have with Envato anywhere else. Not to mention the possibility to work with music, that in my country is… null

I know it could be better, lots of things to improve and that the story is not the same for everyone. This is just an appreciation thread, for the things that they’ve done right.

i understand what u tried to explain though what i was expressing this is that there should be more of a partnership and less of what we have right now, where authors - who are providing them the content to run business - would be a bit more heard and taken more into account … i am also sorry to tell u something like this, i am happy if u can live out of what u are doing here but how many people can really do this? think about it … what i tried to explain is that the bottom line is that authors pay their dues to this place with the huge fees, the lof of invested time and effort and so on , so ultimately liking this place is cool, we all do i guess (even if some things are not getting any better) but unrolling te red carpet is a bit too much in my opinion … they have some needs, we have some things to offer … this is it …

I feel you and wish things were different but I like to give credit where credit´s due. It´s just a birthday greeting, not that I forget what is not working around here. I know that Envato doesn’t need authors to compliment them, cause they are a company and stuff. But then again, there is a moment and place for everything.

Wish you all a good a year and hope things turn the right way. :pray:

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Happy Birthday, Envato!
Thank you for changing my life!


here it is … immediate retaliation … item posted after a “not too corporate comment” and bang hard rejection in less than a hour … thank u envato … all my work dumped in the trashcan in less than a second … maybe u have a better idea of what i was talking about …

Beautiful words @MeGustaMusic! I think that’s amazing! :leaves: Happy Birthday Envato! :tada::tada::tada:

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Happy Birthday, Envato! :birthday::tada::confetti_ball::tada::sparkles:
We want like these donuts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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