Great new market idea for AJ: Envato Presets

I’ve always wanted some more instruments for my different synthesizers and I’ve always wanted to be able to buy them at one place, I didn’t want to have to cold call every website of the software developer who made them to ask if they had any new stuff.

So, introducing a new probably like $50,000+ a year market idea:


Buy presets for all your favorite VST plugins: Sytrus, Biohazard, Steinberg, Serum, Fabfilter Pro EQ and Timeless, Teletronix, Camel Crusher, Vengeance, anything that anyone uploads to sell, I really want to see this up and running, every AJ author and audio designer would be interested in it.

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Muted guitar presets :smile:

Joking, presets and royalty free sample packs are great idea beside that. Don’t know if they would call this in serious way, but at least we have talked our ideas :wink:


This would most probably target authors, not envato customers…I don’t see a creative media agency buying a sytrus preset :slight_smile:

You killed :slight_smile:

Authors buy TREMENDOUS amounts of media here. A big, big percentage of authors are also buyers. VH authors buy music, website templates, AJ authors buy AE templates etc. etc.

I think it’s a great idea.

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Sometimes i think that there are more authors then buyers :joy:

I buy tons of stuff here even though I’m an author, it would target not only authors but any audio designer or anyone who does anything with sound who isn’t an author, it would also HELP authors here too. Envato still makes money because some of the money they pay to authors gets returned to them, so authors can essentially help other authors make better music which would give Envato even more sales.

Presets are exactly what they would buy, do you have experience with larger businesses? People who run the business don’t do all the work, they hire other people to do it for them. The CEO of EA Games or HBO doesn’t go to Envato and say “hmm my sound designer will like this” they give a head designer a budget to go to Envato and buy presets and music and sound effects to accelerate their production and then the head hands down the media and tasks to the people under them.

Not enough money in it, IMO. Envato is probably generating somewhere between $50-150 million in revenue per year across all markets at this point (mostly from themeforest). 50k wouldn’t even be a drop in the bucket.

On the other hand, this wouldn’t cost much to implement, or use that much in bandwidth.

Sill, would they hire an extra person or two to handle it, or would queue times just go up to 45 days? :grinning:

Well firstly, $50,000 a year isn’t a drop in a bucket, that’s a payment for the salary for a reviewer for an entire year of work and them some depending on benefits, and secondly that’s the low estimate, the industry profile for plugins themselves is at least 10 million a year looking at all the people who produce music and how many plugins are bought, not as much as wordpress themes but still pretty considerable, and there’s not really any well-known market of vst presets Envato could take over this market pretty easily.

The only thing Envato needs to do is buy all the plugins people use often so they have the software to test all the presets on, then copy and paste some other aj product market coding and replace the product’s name with “presets.”

Yes, but it could cost $50,000 a year just to pay someone to implement and maintain this new portion of the site, review presets, ect. So at $50,000, it would be a wash.

Built in customer base:
13,650 AJ authors (everything from top sellers to accounts with one sale). Let’s assume all of those people visit the site at least once a year, and that those are all unique accounts - this is obviously not the case, but we can assume for fun. What percentage can you turn into customers? Realistically, I’d say 1-2%. 10% would be truly astonishing. So, on the very high end, you have potentially 1,360 built-in customers. How much to charge per presets? Well, I’d argue it’s not something that takes an incredible amount of time to produce, so $5? $10? Say they charge $19, same as a music licenses. 19* 1,360 = $25,840. Now, multiply that by however many presets you think the average person would by, and you’d have a ballpark figure for built-in revenue, albeit, a very high, unrealistic figure.

I believe to be profitable, they would need to bring in outside customers. Now, Envato has very high search-engine rank, so they can bring in a lot of traffic for free, the question is, are presets an industry that exists already, and is there a demand for it? If demand already exists, they can siphon from that demand, otherwise, they have to essentially bootstrap a brand new industry/sub-industry, and this could potentially cost a lot of money in marketing.

Is there demand? I have no idea, but I do know that when it comes to music software, the piracy rates are ridiculously high. I’m a part time, no-name, nobody plugin developer, and I can attest that even my stuff gets pirated, all the time, consistently. I would assume that, if there are presets being passed around currently, it’s mostly through trading, music blogs, ect. Convincing people to pay for something they have been getting for free is often a hard sell.

The other aspect to consider is the legality of selling presets. Does that infringe on aspects of the intellectual property or copyrights of individual plugin companies and software developers? Again, I don’t know, but it’s definitely something to be considered. The thing with selling software is that, since software is so ridiculously easy to pirate, all it takes is one person uploading software they claim to have the rights to but don’t, and then Envato has potential lawsuits on their hands. I think this is a major reason why they have steered clear of selling music software/plugins to date. It’s quite different from codecanyon, where people are selling source code. Again, would a preset be considered part of the software? Again, I don’t know, but I can definitely see how one of these companies could make a legal case for it if it’s something that suddenly became profitable.

That’s a pretty insurmountably enormous underestimate, at least half of the authors here use DAWs with a bunch of plugins and they all want to compose unique music, whether or not they buy presets would simply a matter of Envato advertising their new market and selling them for cheap enough. That’s not to mention the thousands of audio designers who aren’t on AJ who are still interested in plugins and presets as well.

As for the legality, Envato didn’t invent wordpress but it sells wordpress presets, or “themes.”

I am afraid its too niche. Also, theres lots of different Vsti products, none of them could be considered universal, even remotely. Many of them do not have, or do not require presets. I cant see a real need out there. You have Composer Cloud for 30 bucks a month, once anything similar comes along to provide alternative, you can call this market shut to new competition.

Of course I could be wrong, and there might be a window still, but it would need hobbyist market in its broadest sense, as even now, East West have mentioned many times, that most of its money comes from non-pro users, who use Vsti`s jut for fun, not for a living.

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If niche was a problem Envato wouldn’t exist. It might target a specific group, but it’s an incredibly large group as verified by the number of authors only here on this aj platform. But more than that, I don’t think you realize now niche everything here is.
You know who’s buying icons for graphic design? Not random people, it’s almost exclusively graphic and web designers, yet graphic river is thriving. You know who buys coding from code canyon? It’s hard to think of anyone else besides programmers, but I don’t see code canyon shutting down. You know who buys videos from video hive? Only people who have experience creating videos, video designers, but video hive is doing pretty well. You know who spends money on 3d ocean? 3d modelers. All of these are meant to speed up their work and fill in the gaps, presets would be no different. You know who buys sound effects and music? Mostly audio designers, game and video designers and AJ’s doing pretty well, even people from video hive go to AJ to buy audio for their videos. You don’t spend money on audio without knowing how to use a daw or some software that can manipulate sound, you don’t spend money on vector files without knowing illustrator or photoshop, you don’t spend money on 3d models without knowing autocad or cinema 4d or maya or blender, and you definitely don’t buy coding from code-canyon without being a programmer, all these these markets are niche and yet successful.

Media creators, graphics, programmers, video engineers, post-production etc. they are all getting paid for it. Most of them buy specific product, for a specific client. Their own money is not involved. Vsti`s market is another market altogether, working pros comprise only a fraction of it actually.

But hey, I never meant I was against :wink: Hope your idea takes off in one way or another. Cheers!!!:sunglasses:

I don’t see how people having a budget defeats the purpose of the market, it only proves it’s a relevant market since people are paying other people specifically to purchase products from platforms like Envato.

Good idea. Envato can add even separate market for sfx.

They do have that

I think it is important that the authors have not lost their unique sound.

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I’ve got presets coming out of my ears for all my plug ins. I can’t imagine what would motivate me to drop even a dollar on a new sound that I could make myself with a bit of experimenting or looking at YouTube videos.


I can’t imagine what wouldn’t motivate me to spend a dollar on a new sound, I spend tons of hours making unique sounds and even after everything I’ve come up with there’s still a whole universe of sounds that have never been heard of before.
There definitely aren’t youtube videos for everything and I guarantee wave mechanics is too complex to just guess every preset correctly, and that’s just for one synthesizer, try doing that with all the different plugins out there. I’m also not talking about random stuff people spend 2 minutes making, I’m talking about good presets people put time into.

Here, you think it’s so easy? Make this from scratch

or this

or even this