Separate AudioJungle Music and FX's

Hi everyone! Me and my colleague have a suggestion. It is a lot of Sound FX items uploading everyday at AJ market and replacing a music items on the Homepage and in the search machine. So maybe Envato could make a separate Sound FX market?!


That is a great idea. Would love that.

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I’ve been asking myself what would happen if there were more fx authors with a lot of sales - the “Top Authors” list would be unreachable for music authors. So your suggestion makes a lot of sense to me.


It was discussed:

Personally I’m still staying at the same point that it’s just impossible to do.

How many buyers make purchase from the front page and why? :slight_smile: They may just check “what is new” for curiosity. To find something they need they firstly switch a category filters for sure.

To Photonic: separated sales ranking between sfx/music authors could make it more fair, I agree and I’d support this. But if there were more logos contributors also? :slight_smile:

My point is as SFX author.

BTW 321,154 AJ items include 90,075 sfx currently.

Use the search facets! :sunglasses:

That would be really great!

Good suggestion but that wouldn’t make sense since some FX authors also publish music. The search filter is already in place anyways where customers can break it down to FX, Music etc.