Hey guys, long-term Envato user here,

My name’s Nathan and I’m a digital marketer based in Ireland,

I’ve had years of experience in the lead generation, content creation, and multiple other digital marketing aspects - over the past few months I’ve been having a good look into AudioJungle and I’ve been itching to dip our toes in.

So, to put context on this thread; I’ve got a long-time friend of I’d say 10 years now that has been mixing and remastering his own and others music since long before we met. I know full well that he has the potential to fill a lot of the categories in the AudioJungle world.

I had tried to sign up as an Envato Author in hopes of releasing, with his permission and enthusiasm, some of his work as free and cheaply priced productions as backing tracks for games and videos.

The issue we’ve come to have is that when signing up for Envato Author’s you’re provided with a choice of Web & Code, Graphic, Video, and Photography - with no choice for sound productions.

Is there something I’m missing? Am I to sign up through PlaceIt or anoher Envato subsidiary?

Would love some feedback on this, wishing you all the best and thanks for the time spent reading!

Hey @CPANathan !
From what I know Audiojungle is closed for new authors, for now

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Hey Marian, thanks for the speedy reply.

I’ll look around and see what other prospects can come to light until AudioJungle applications are back live!

Thanks again.