Isn't it quite strange thing from this author??

I saw that an author who was a member from April, 2020, so we all know that each author can upload 20 sound effects at a time.But this guy approved 4041 files approved from April, 2020 to June, 2020 and he has only 4 sales which is strange, so, my question is can you tell me how can it be possible?? His Profile link is Here

That’s not a regular author, it’s a stock audio company. Given the sudden volume they almost certainly had a private arrangement with Envato. This has happened several times before.

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@baileyherbert so how i can upload multiple files from my account like him?? what’s the procedure??

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You can’t. Unless you have your own stock audio website and are selling millions of dollars worth of assets each year, then Envato may be interested in a partnership.

Also just want to reiterate, none of what I said is official, but rather are educated guesses based on what has happened in the past with similar cases. These are probably not regular authors but rather partnerships with Envato between the two companies.


Oww, I see this is the fact :thinking: :thinking: , anyway @baileyherbert Thanks for your kind informations which I didn’t know. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Minimal-Studio, we’re actively working to grow our content library in AudioJungle and Elements so that our customers have more choice when it comes to finding the right items for their project.

To do this we’ve been working with a variety of existing and new authors to explore ways in which we can make it easier for authors with larger portfolios to upload their content with us. We’re making good progress, while still closely monitoring how this may impact the customer experience. We want to make sure we get the balance right as we continue to grow our library and diversify the assets available.


interesting find man! Also this guy’s sfx it not protected at all, someone could easily record it

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@Pandocrator Thanks my mate for your concern :heart: :heart: , Although it’s already going to increase sales competition :boxing_glove: , That’s why I posted :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks @steve_lam for your kind words man, but I think it will create a huge competition with that particular authors who have unlimited uploads possibilities, for example we upload 10/20 files at a time after approving files we sell highest 2/3 sales but they got 10-20 or higher for their large portfolio, sometimes it is the cause of frustration, isn’t it man?? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hello, @steve_lam! May be it is good idea to treat on the same basis loyal (8 years of membership) Elite authors who have great history of approval? Now i need to wait 20 days to be reviewed, while this newcomers jumping with thousand of items immediately. Feeling a little p*ssed off.
P.S. It was promsied few years ago by one of Envato official that we got rid of review for those, who have great approval history.


@LumenMedia I’ve same history of approval :frowning: besides, I’ll add If they upload 60/70 files in a row it is not only affects the newcomers but also older authors too because of their larger portfolio. ( Sometime I thought we approved a file after 20/22/23 or even 27/28 days later at a certain amount but they approved it more than us with in a day or a week, isn’t it funny ?? and this question will for @steve_lam )

First file went live on the 4th of June. So 8 days, 16 sales… not too bad a start.

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Hi @volkovsound, audio items shorter than 2 seconds don’t need a watermark which would account for many of the sfx items in the author’s library. We did find some of the longer ones that had watermarks. If you have any further issues around this, please send a note to support.

You can read more up on our rules for watermarks here.

Hi @volkovsound, the watermarks are added at the 3rd second, which you can hear just at the end of this clip. The sound effect in this sample actually finishes by 2 seconds, which you can see if you look at the sample itself, or the screenshot I took below. The left some silence at the end and this is when the watermark was automatically added, once it entered the 3rd second.
Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 9.04.50 am

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